Monday, December 28, 2009


9x12 charcoals and pastels (click to enlarge)
The time has come for Different Strokes by Different Folks annual portrait swap between artists. Karin Jurick is so wonderfully generous with her time and so dedicated I truly owe her for the inspiration to just do it! :)

My company left this morning so I quickly jumped on my piece and got it done! I wanted to do something different from my usual routine when I do the challenges because it's an opportunity to discover something. I really just wanted to do just a black, white and the toned ground. But I ended up rendering my piece like I do my usual charcoal drawings lol Anyway here's my portrait partner, isn't she beautiful? :) Please do take the time to see the other portraits be clicking on the link above!

I also recently finished my last portrait commission for my 2009 deadline. It's always a great compliment to have return costumers. I've done multiple pieces for these folks and I love that they think of my art to gift loved ones.

"Charlie" 11x14 charcoal on toned paper

My husband and I had a WONDERFUL 3-week visit from my Mom for Christmas. I hope you all had a good one yourselves. Here's wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year! :)

Finally, I hope YOU DECIDE to check out this article!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kitty, Pancakes, Healthy arting and eating!

"The Lovely Pancakes" 10x10 oil on canvas

This kitty is Pancakes, which is why I was compelled to paint pancakes as background for this portrait. It won the Patron's Mention award at the EBSQ Pet Portrait Swap '09 show last month! Not really a good photo of the painting though but you can still appreciate how cute Pancakes is :)

I wanted so much to do a DSDF piece but I am so busy and needed to take care of so many other obligations! But here are two of my latest pieces that I am donating for the fundraiser auction to help the Ozark Art Center.

"To Health!"
5x5 oil on canvas

"Healthy Life"
5x5 oil on canvas
Click on images to see bigger version :) Hope your summer was good. We are of course entering the fall season here in the Ozarks. Soon we will be surrounded but brilliant warm colors! And then we move right to SPRING!!! -- not!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Painting Mom for 2 hours and a cabochon pendant

Detail shot of Mom

With my Mom visiting for 3 weeks, I always go out of my way to devote me time with her and "sneak" in business as usual art activities :) Yesterday I excused myself for about 4 hours to do another jewelry piece. So this afternoon my trade was that she'd pose for me so I can paint her from life. I had envisioned 4 hours. But I didn't realize it was going to be like working with a kid LOL! Are you done? Can I see it? I'm tired, can I nap? After responding "No" to all of the above. I finally pointed out the clock to her that it hadn't been as long as she thought. Martha Stewart was after all still talking about Asian noodles on TV (I really thought the show would preoccupy her). After Martha I let her nap. She came back and I put on American Justice for her. Well the crooks had not been given sentence yet and she was done posing. So this was as far as I got -2 hours give or take. Maybe I can refine it tomorrow :)

Work in progress 8x10 oil of my Mom

I am happy with this pendant that I wired yesterday. Striped agate wrapped in sterling silver accented with wooden beads :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DSDF 44-45 San Francisco, Mom's Art Class

San Francisco Oil Painting"San Francisco Street" 6x12 oil on canvas

After a long absence from Karin Jurick's Different Strokes by Different Folks I finally got another piece painted! I'm so glad I did it because I really enjoyed painting from the photo with all it's colors and shapes and I now have a companion from my New York street :)

My dearest Mom is visiting us for 3 weeks so I am even happier that I was able to swing a painting because I usually love to devote my time with Mom when she's here. On this visit I thought it was time for me to introduce her to the joy of being an artist. She's practically a virgin at this lol! I really can't justify why I had never done art with her. But here is her progress work from day 1 and I must say I'm very impressed with her progress!

You can click on images to enlarge if you wish :)

The last one is "modified" blind contour drawing which is drawing in continuous line without lifting the pen/pencil. This is a concept that's always confusing to teach beginners; as you can detect Mom lifted her pen lol We're still at it lol I can conclude that one of the qualities an artist has to develop is STAMINA! I must really be well developed in this area because I last about 2/3 longer than Mom which is a BIG surprise to me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hibiscus Done! Peony my favorite!

"Nancee's Peonies" 9x12 oils
I painted this partly from life. I had to put it away to finish commissions and to take a break. I'm pleased with it :)

I have THE BEST neighbors in the whole world! Although my neighborhood is not the most wheelchair accessible place, I find comfort in knowing I love my neighbors as much as they love me :) One of my neighbors is Nancee who is a wonderful gardener (and an equally wonderful cook!). For the second spring she and her grandaughter have brought me cut peonies from her garden (and before that daffodil bouquet). As a matter of fact, Nancee has a special spot in her garden for my favorite flowers which are peonies! But the rest of her garden if full of botanical wonders! I can see why she aspires to be in the garden tour of our neighborhood. Her target date is 5 years. I tend to think she will be ready sooner than that!

"Hibiscus and Basil" 6x12 oils
And here is the finished version of the hibiscus. Incidentally, thanks to all the encouragement of my dear friends and readers, I now really like my gazebo painting and in fact am testing some merchandise with the image on it.

And I'm still happy on non-steroids yay!!! I'm not 100% painless on the new meds but I'm functional and keeping the smile on my face :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hibiscus Basil and Prednisone

My studio efforts for today is this work in progress hibiscus and basil ( 6x12, oils) set up. It's a nice grouping because the rootbeer bottle was from dinner out my husband had the other evening, the basil cutting from my girlfriend Lisa and the hibiscus from my garden. This still needs refining but definitely an excellent start for me and I'm so pleased!

My life has changed the last 15 days. My orthopedic doctor put me on Prednisone to help control the inflammation of my rotator cuff injury. I've been enduring the pain for TWO YEARS! Not realizing that it has taxed me not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally! I just finished 6 weeks of physical therapy which didn't really take, and that's after a cortisone shot. But I can't believe how much these steroid pills have turned me back to the Erika I used to know! I've been so enthusiastic, productive and happy because I've been void of pain!

Well today I took the last pill. These meds would cause more bad than good if the doc were to keep me on them. So I made sure I painted today so I can at least have a physical proof that I felt good today! And hope the non-steroidal meds I will be taking will keep me engaged to the Erika I knew well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Studying Richard Schmid

"Fallen Pine (after Richard Schmid)" 8x10 oil canvas
I signed up for an online course with Katie Swatland who is offering lessons from her mentor, the master Richard Schmid. This is after all the closest I've ever get to receiving direct contact or teachings from Schmid I'll ever get! This is the first lesson - above is my study from his original piece entitled "Fallen Pine". I'm liking it so far!

"Dappled" 9x12 oil on canvas

Feeling good about the lesson, I thought I'd do a "plein air" painting yesterday as I worked in the comforts of my air-conditioned art room, I painted my gazebo.... both as I see it in the future and as I looked at it lol My good neighbor gave me the arch from their yard which I gladly accepted because of this vision I have. If I can figure out a twining perennial vine with bright red colorful blooms I'd be in great shape! Any suggestions?

Well I'm disappointed in my little exploration here though. I painted the piece in my usual too complete and tight manner plus I sort of Kincaidized it (made it pretty). Perhaps it would help if I just painted what was actually in front of me and I could have just concentrated on shapes and lights.

At least I painted! And that in itself is big victory, right?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!

This is my most favorite song by Michael Jackson. There is another video with better sound but I like this video on this more. As I mention in my Facebook, he was a giant in my book, a part of my cultural honing in my love of music and dance. As they say in the arts CBND (Copied But Never Duplicated). He was a tormented figure, he was far from perfect, but he was a genius!

Other note able videos:

Acapella of "I'll be There"
"Whatzupitu" a more recent video with Eddie Murphy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day ACEO watercolors

Back when I was a prolific "Ebay artist" I painted mostly ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals). They are baseball card size which is 2.5x3.5 inches. I painted them mostly in watercolors or occasionally used acrylics or oils. Those were the days before Ebay simply took the joy of creating and selling without worrying too much about making a good living out of painting. Here are three of my favorite Father's Day themed ACEO.

"Baby's First Man!" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor on paper

"Summer Fishing for the Boys" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor on paper

This last one is close to my heart as it is Lori Andrew's men. I fell in love with their matching chins! Thanks Lori!!!

"Chin Club/ Belong" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor on paper

Fathers are very special especially for little girls! I hope nobody forgets to tell their dad they love them. I wish I could call my dad but he passed away in the mid-80's . However, I'm pretty sure he knew he was loved :)

I am currently in a group show that opened June 9th and will end July 3rd at the Art Center of the Ozarks. Now I'm just busy doing commission pieces until my next group show around the end of summer. I hope to jump back in DSDF again more regularly, but we'll see ;)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the good men who go out of their way to bring up wholesome children by giving them all their loving support! It's not an easy job but it makes a big positive difference in the long run!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonalist landscape in oils, calcite cabochon wire wrap

"Simple Pleasures" 16x30 oil on canvas panel
My submission for my own masterminded challenge at our local art club. Some anonymous person left something like 20 uniformed but beautiful frames at the studio porch. They are this non-standard opening so some of us had to have wood cut for support. In my case I mounted canvas which I gesso a few times on it. Anyway, at one of the meetings, I thought we could share the frames as an art club by challenging members to take home a frame and create something "with it". So yeah, it will be interesting how they all interpreted that piece of instruction. Actually, it would be interesting to see just how many actually do something with it and show up for the "Arts on the Creek" event we're having Saturday. If I make it there, I'll be sure and take photos!

Wednesday was the 2nd and last day of my jewelry wrapping class. Our wonderful instructor asked us to show up with possible wrapping design for the 4-inch cabochon stonewe personally picked out. The one I chose is this "honeycomb calcite". I was the first to choose from the lot of them, but this stone stood out so uniquely and so naturally to me. I am glad I picked it too because by the time I thought about my design, it turned out to be something more intricate than my classmates chose! I also decided to do the horizontal format. My choices made it extra challenging of course because I couldn't really look over anybody's shoulders for comparison, in fact I even started out wrong as I was shapping the wrap for a VERTICAL yikes! Good thing we took a break for lunch and I came to my senses as I was figuring out where to put the bindings. It would have been a regrettable mistake as I truly love this piece I ended up with. I cannot tell you how it's so "me". I'm not flamboyant by nature, but I do like the more artsy look.

By clicking on the image below, you can better view my piece along with 5 of the other students' works. There were two more students but I think they were being shy. It is a sign of a good instructor to have her whole class yield such impressive work!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DSDF week 32-34 Yellow Cabs and Fairy Tattoo

"Sundown on Madison Avenue"
6"x12" oil on canvas

I don't remember my last DSDF... was it the sushi or the mannequins. Too tired to check my blog lol I don't mind admiting that some weeks only DSDF gives my the gumption to paint something new. I'm very grateful to Karin's continued support of her DSDF blog! OMG straight lines and I? We're not friends at all! Not even if I use a ruler. It also didn't help that I taped up a piece of canvas on wood, then painted the ground grey so I didn't have a basis for my straight line!!!!!!! Argh oh well, there ya go! My first citiscape painting I believe - and I already told you the reason why hahaha!

And my dear collector, good friend and total ego booster has sent me the final photos of her tattoo that was based on my watercolor of a mermaid. Voila! I think the complete rendition is beautiful and I will forver be HONORED in a big way!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dabbling with wiring jewelry

Last Saturday I finally had this opportunity to dabble into some jewelry making. Just as I had expected Delane Cox was a superb teacher, she was very structured. We created 3 pieces in ONE day. I didn't photograph the first piece, though it was just practice "sculpture" which was a pain to make and fun to look at, just take my word for it lol However this first piece is a sterling silver bracelet. And I hand-made every single part you see on it including making the twisted wire and hook!

This 2nd piece is perhaps not as exciting for me but it's a fun piece. And I am proud that I was able to create the band symmetrical which apparently is a challenging quality to do. It was a wonderfully productive way to spend 8 hours of my Satruday. Incidentally it was my hubby's birthday gift for me to take the class and he bought me supplies too :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pastel Peonies still life

"Pastel Peonies" 11x14 pastels
My dear Hillary and I were playing with her pastels last month when I was in California. As usual, we had other things we wanted to do cramped in the same day like eating some more and attending local art shows, so at the last minute I loaded her watercolor brush with water and blended my pastel of the orange together and came up with this piece.

"California Orange" 6x6 pastels on watercolor paper
She responded so positively to it which of course made me happy :) So once again not having much time to do art, I drew painted the peonies my neighbor gave me in the same manner. I see now that I could have gone farther with my layers to give my still life more body. But sometimes there's this rouge spirit that comes out of me that just wants a rough finish to it.

And now I must dash to a luncheon art meeting sigh.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother Baby Portrait done!

"Warmth of Belonging"
18x24 oil on canvas

What a perfect piece to finish for Mother's Day weekend! This piece started out a little different from my usual approach to my oil portraits. I've been feeling as if I'm in transition and I have to step back and try to see the direction I'm taking. Here is the post of how it I started this piece:
first post , 2nd post

Or maybe it has something to do with the rotator cuff pain I've been enduring for over a year now. Yesterday I finally succumbed to cortisone shot which sent me to full body pain for a whole day. But today is the big relief and I need to jump into my self therapy program immediately.

I actually have more paintings to share which I'll post more soon. I just wanted to share something Mother's Day like for now so I can greet my friends and other readers a very Happy Mother's Day! xox

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

"Orchid"6x6 watercolor
I am currently visiting in Southern California partly business but mostly pleasure - the pleasure of being warm, surrounded by food I enjoy and of course friends and family.

I had the opportunity to paint a quick commission for a business which I was pleased to do the day before a sudden eye procedure I underwent during the first week of my vacation. A casual visit with my Mom's ophthalmologist brought to our attention a rip in my retina which was a result of a detached vitreous from 2 years ago. I thought just in case worse case scenario takes place, I'd like to know I painted something successfully. Anyway, the procedure was 2 days ago and I'm feeling as if nothing happened already; I am glad I was in capable hands.

Here is the painting framed and ready for delivery! I think it will be a nice addition to their intimate lobby. It's a business by two sisters. One makes silk orchid arrangements and the other has an orchid nursery.

Happy Easter to all my readers! Please excuse my absence, tax time is busy because I am not the most organized person with paperwork so an elaborate scavenger hunt ensues LOL We are also (hopefully) going to be busy with remodeling of our computer area which will eventually become ... basically a "work playroom" for computers, painting and music making. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Japan trip, California Rolls DSDF week 25-26

"California Rolls" 5x5 oil on gessoed wood
I'm a big sushi lover but I don't think I've ever ordered California Rolls so I'm not 100% that's what these are. I think it's crab meat, avocado and cucumber wrapped in seaweed which is rolled in sticky rice, I'm not sure about the roe on top though... But I know that I LOVE wasabi so I had to include it in the picture somehow :) My favorite sushi are maguro, tako and spider roll and salmon skin hand roll :) Anyway, here is the reference photo copyrighted to Karin Jurick which she challenged us with in Different Strokes by Different Folks Week 25-26. Click on images to enlarge.

My favorite cuisine is Japanese food. I also enjoy the culture very much. In 2004 my dear husband let me tag along on one of his business trips to Japan and I had a ball!!! It was the best sushi I've EVER experienced - of course! I had so much fun that I created a web page for it when we got home :) Click here to see if you're interested Our Trip to Tokyo

I'm thrilled that my one and only figure sculpture won an award in the recent EBSQ show "Figure in 3D" yay!
Last week I was so thrilled to get out of bed and not rush to put socks and shoes on! In fact I was so happy I decided to grill a salmon fillet and serve it with green beans and roast pine nuts and washed it down with bottle of Snapple Asian Pear, it was a perfect lunch out on the deck. Today however was another cold day. We were supposed to have snow so I was pleased to not wake up to another winter wonderland!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sistahs Fiestaware Party DSDF week 23-24

"Coffee Clutch" 9x12 watercolor
It was hard for me to take this challenge too seriously for some reason lol But I love the word "sistahs" so I decided to use Fiestaware to rhyme the word with hahaha! Actually my original concept was a full sheet watercolor on Yupo but I just couldn't get my supplies together on time and the 8x10 study I did for it fizzled within 15 minutes (too small).

So here is my contribution to DSDF week 23-24 challenge with Karin Jurick! One can only imagine what these sistahs from different muthas were are ranting about. Maybe it's the last season of The Bachelor and how Jason proved to be just another shortsighted man who was absent when they were distributing class! Bleeghhh I'm glad I didn't see the whole season and decided to just peak into the last show ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy Baby WIP II and raspberry still life

The raspberries my husband brought home were so fresh and plump so of course I had to take time to paint some before and the reward was to eat the model YAY! They were definitely pieces of heaven! I do love small pieces of original art as they are so precious like gems that we like to protect and admire upclose. I am enjoying this set so much that I want to keep them and decide if I want to sell them later. Mom bought me these canvases with easels and I don't know where to get them so maybe that's why I am feeling extra attached to these 2.5x2.5 canvases.

Speaking of my Mom she's been diagnosed with some health issues that she's still being tested for (enlarged heart and liquid in her lungs), so please keep her in your most positive thoughts. The umbilical cord is alive and well so I am most definitely feeling very imbalanced over this news especially because I live so far away from her and basically even if I lived with her, there's very little help I could offer. But there's something to be said about one human being roaming this world who I can vouch loves me the most and I could probably humbly claim same position in her life.
I am feeling a bit lost in my Mommy - Baby portrait. I had a definite picture in my mind about it and I somehow lost it lol I am loving the pinkish coralish colors going on. But you know what bugs me the most? That I've painted in the outline of the figures so strongls grrrrrrr for some reason it's impeding my progress. But there ya go, WIP 2!

Don't forget that you can click images to enlarge your view!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mommy Baby oil portrait WIP

"Ash and Ava" work in progress....
This is 18x24 oil on canvas of my hubby's sweet niece and her first baby! She is the first bundle to grace the family since I legally joined the clan about 9 years ago :) Ash is so beautiful to watch with her baby and it touches me so much I just can't help but pay tribute to her loveliness. This is also an opportunity for me to warm up for some portraits I will be doing shortly. Well I'm very pleased with this start. Lately it seems I am enjoying not having a particular plan on under painting. I was mainly using up the mess on my palette to lay down the preliminaries. It's a good start :)

Soon the daffodils will be popping in their heads from my flowerbeds and I will go absolutely nuts if I once again have other things on my easel instead of painting them from life! Spring is coming YAY! (It's still cccold though).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tulip oil painting and nude figure sculpture

"Tulip" 2.5x2.5 oil on canvas
Well Linda, here's the tulip I was painting while on the phone with you! I'm terrible! This was the freshest bloom left of my husband's lovely tulip bouquet that he came home with last Friday. It was so artsy with lanky stems that drooped down and each tipped with tulip in a beautiful red shade. We normally just go out to nice dinner for Valentines, but this year I got flowers, chocolates, a very thoughtful card, even some cash, dinner and show! Well we passed on the show since they were all goofy ones at the theater. :-p

I originally had a teenie landscape on this canvas because the view across my window was inviting with the sun hitting the pine trees and the house across the lake. Though I actually finished it, I decided the canvas was best saved for another still life so I took a napkin and wiped it off! I was just as pleased to satisfy my urge to paint the scene as I was to save the canvas for another piece! You see from the glare that it still have left over light source from my window.

It took a while to get started today as usual. But today was even more inconvenient because we had to clean up the house for company all weekend long lol When we clean up, things get thrown all over the place so it takes a some thinking to re-locate the usual items that are normally within my reach.

This is my only sculpture and I'm glad I took a couple photos before I ended up giving it to the model. It's 10 inches tall. I enjoyed it so much, working from a live model that had to be turned on a revolving stand every 20 minutes. We had to work fast! And when some of us weren't quite ready to let go of the view, we pushed our sculpting stands that were on wheels to find the same view again! I do wonder how much of that hectic energy is transferred to the poor model that had to maintain the pose and attitude. Not bad for my first sculpure, it would be so much fun to pick it up again at some point hopefully before I'm 100 years old.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Clementine Tangerine oil still life

"Clementine Tangerine" 2.5x2.5 oil on very mini canvas
I was so unimpressed with my caramel painting so I had to redeem myself somehow. Here is another still life on a dinky 2.5x2.5 canvas I did in less than an hour. It's not a contest on how quickly I can paint something discernable (that would be a very silly reason and would make any serious artist roll their eyes) , but more a race against my attention span waning on me. I'm glad we're having some sunny moments lately so maybe my brain can continue to thaw out. I was also SO READY to eat that fruit! Dear Theresa Rankin is blogging about some wonderful still life so I can thank her for the inspiration. How she finds time to be so generous as she prepares for her upcoming show is amazing!

Thanks so much to Gail H. Ragsdale for the Lemonade Award for Positive Attitude Blog! I think any artist who is continuously creating and pursuing their highest potential deserves this notice so I award all fellow artists who are creating along with me! Thanks again Gale!

So my self portrait was also awarded in the EBSQ Self Portrait show YAY for my Member's Mention award! Mark Satchwill complimented my painting and encouraged me to enter it in the show even though it wasn't done based on what I call a piece ready for primetime viewing lol But see it here along with a description about why I painted it. Also see other entries, they are fun to see! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Seal Change is Gonna Come

I saw this in DavidFoster.Com and it simply grabbed me I had to post and share here. Love this video and Seal's rendition, very very nice and smoooooth. I hope you enjoy it too :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

San Francisco Pacific Palisades DSDF 21-22 and an Award

"Pink Yellow Blue and Black" about 5x7 watercolor on paper

Another impressive challenge from Karin Jurick at Different Strokes by Different Folks. This was a daunting challenge for me. Straight lines and I usually don't get along well lol However when I was 10 minutes into the drawing, I realize that it was going to be a really good project to undertake because it's an opportunity for an excellent refresher study on basic shapes! Good grief, I was feeling sorry for the builders as their challenge was far bigger than mine! I was able to start over halfway through my drawing because that's when I realized the tops of the cone roofs (I bet there's an official name for those lol), were not going to fit and that's just not acceptable! Part of the reason why I took so long to make up my mind about painting this was that I was drooling over painting the molds and cool shapes in oils! But I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if I were to paint it smaller than 11x14. I might still do it at some point, don't be surprised! Also, I try not to see what other people do with their DSDF challenge when I can help it so I can focus on my approach. As usual this challenged attracted a wonderful variety!

An admired fellow artist Akiko Watanabe has kindly given my an Art Blog Award! The recipient of this award is supposed to list 7 things that she/he loves. Here are my 7 things:

1. I love my sweet hubby :) Such a sweet spirit on that man!
2. I love art of many shapes: visual art, music, acting, photography, and the art of cooking.
3. I love people with passion. They are titillating to me and I applaud the ones who pursue it to its highest potentials!
4. Do I have to say I love food?
5. I love Japanese cuisine and the culture. Honto!
6. I love dogs! I really appreciate how happy they are to see you and their loyal friendship.
7. I love spring and fall seasons! It's the only time I don't complain about the weather lol Right now it's so cold I can hardly think!

Now I am giving an Art Blog Award to all the blogs I list on my right column that I list because I love them! Thanks Akiko!!! xxx

Friday, January 30, 2009

Roses and Caramel oil still life paintings

I wanted to finally finish a piece I started in the studio last year "Roses and Pears" 8x10 oil and it SURE FEELS GOOD! I sometimes worry when I run out of gas to finish a piece that I know I really was excited to paint! I'm so glad I took photos and the image was still farely fresh in my mind so I could bring it to a finish. I hope Alice Thompson will be proud that I finally gave the piece wings to fly :) Where are you Alice? I miss you and so do the rest of your blog friends I'm sure!

A sweet girlfriend sent me a 160z bag of gourmet caramel (Celtic Sea Salt flavor) and it was DELICIOUS! So I saved 3 because I wanted to try and paint them lol My husband has been bugging me to please paint them so he could proceed to eat the rest . Well here is my attempt at one of them. "Caramel" 2.5x2.5 oil on canvas.

I hope my blog friends are being safe from the rough weather. We in Arkansas have been subjected to frozen rain and snow. In my case, the roads are so bad that we hadn't received mail since Tuesday? I've been suffering serious cabin fever; I easily get claustrophobic when I'm surrounded by the same inaccessible surroundings for an extended amount of time.

Well today, we got mail and I was actually able to get to the mailbox because my dear husband was able to shovel a path for me. It's still so frozen so there's still about an inch or more ice left on the path which made my wheels spin a bit. We woke up to our lake somewhat frozen. I'm imagining those ducks' feet so cold!!! Well keep toasty and enjoy a safe Superbowl weekend!