Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roses still life oils

Roses oil painting Erika NelsonToday I go back to the studio. Two weeks ago this is where I left off with my painting. But of course the roses have long been history. I designed this set up because the autumn colored roses from my garden looked so impressive they inspired me and I thought they would look perfect in Linda's antique blue kettle. I do like how far I got with my painting and I should be able to finish the piece from photos I've taken. In fact I painted the last watercolor from one of my photos in the previous post.

Holidays are quickly approaching and I'm feeling the crunch of the commission deadlines as well. Life would be easier if I didn't have the need to mix things up a bit with commissions along with my short projects lol Oh well, it makes life interesting! I also want to get back to DSDF! I totally missed out painting the Chicago Bean! They all came up with such cool renditions and I had one idea for it I was all excited about too!

Gee I was also thinking, Charles Reid should consider having an art show with some of his workshop students. This is me throwing ideas to the universe and maybe someone will catch it and turn it into something awesome!


  1. ooohhh... I really love the colors and brushstrokes . I actually like it now in this very soft impressionistic state. I'm interested to see where you go with it. DSFDF is fun but sounds like you have other work you need to do first.

    BTW - I very much like how you throw thoughts into the universe!

  2. Hi Alice, did I really not have you on my blog list? Well I've now remedied it, still odd though as I've truly enjoyed your input and friendship and of course your art!

    Thanks, I'm actually liking how it looks too I guess that's why I'm not quite in a hurry to finish it. I might just make the focal point a little more visible and set it free.

    Re. the universe, it's amazing how many people read our blogs so it's equally amazing what resources might just be needing a little nudge ;)

  3. Erika, your rose painting is beautiful. You are very skilled at producing such vibrant colors. If I try, they usually turn into mud. lol

  4. Hey, I like your idea about C.Reid having art show with some workshop students. People should see what inspiration comes out of the shows!

  5. Akiko thank you! I can't imagine you ever making mud, your work is always so beautiful and perfectly colored!

  6. Thanks Dai, I'm glad to see you in my blog and I'm happy you understand where I was coming from xox


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