Friday, April 24, 2015

Plein Air to Farmer's Market 2015

"Bentonville Farmer's Market" 8x10 oil on canvas

I hosted the first paint out with PAPO (Plein Air Painters of the Ozark) this year.  We had it at Downtown Bentonville.  It was so spring fresh with bright green leaves on the trees and grounds and the tulips in multiple colors all over the square!  

 I decided to capture the monument and fountain which was full of tulips and the courthouse in the background.
Karolyn Ferrell and Erika Nelson photo by Cindy Ho
There are more photos from the event at this link PAPO  At lunch I decided not to join the group for lunch and headed home because I wasn't feeling well and the weather changing to the forecast-ed stormy afternoon.

This is how my painting evolved with final version as farmer's market shown on top of my palette above.

Underpainting of my piece

Erika Nelson's original plein air piece April 8, 2015
But I decided it needed to look like how I most enjoy the square - with the farmer's market going on, on a Saturday morning, with vendors and people and performers around it.  We all had a great day!

Friday, April 3, 2015

An Art video for my birth month!

~There is Youtube video  on this post~
I can't believe I've gone over a year since my last post!  My apologies to readers who missed me!  When my studio became move-in ready back in January 2014 my art life simply got beyond manageable to also accommodate my blogging.  

Today I was actually editing a video with most of my art from 2014 when I stumbled upon my videos of me painting my birthday cake from last year.  So I ended up setting aside the big video I was working on and started editing this.  To my great surprise I finished it in one day lol!  Goodness I didn't realize I'm all over the place when I paint haha  Goes to tell you - document yourself when you can as you will be pleasantly surprised later!  

This is it for now and hopefully the bigger video will soon follow.  Hope you're having a lovely spring season! :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

An Active Art Studio!

"Frenly and Princess" 8x10 oil on canvas
 I've been steadily busy since my last post.  The holiday season meant finishing most of my 2013 commissions and giving the art studio construction a big push.  Sadly, December was also a time for sudden loss when my father-in-law passed away.  Mom came out for three weeks and dedicated her time helping get my studio organized.  

As a result of this unusually busy time, I will have lots of images to share but I've compressed them into collages and short film. 

The image above is fresh off my easel.  After I posted on my Facebook page last night, I knew I'd wake up wanting to tweak it.  It looked very monochromatic and Princess was not looking very golden.  I painted it for a little girl named Frenly from the Philippines.  Last year she drew my portrait and sent it via Facebook.  I told her I'd do a portrait of her too.  Here is my portrait
Frenly holding Erika's portrait
Now for a video of how I painted her :)

The studio is not completely done but I've been enjoying the comforts it offers.  I love that it's WELL LIT!  I love that it's warm in there despite the cold weather in the mid-west.  And I have an excuse to be messsssy it's because it's an art studio!!!  I can also just wheel over to whatever I need! etc. etc.  How blessed am I?  It didn't come easy and it wasn't cheap, but maybe it's like giving birth from what I hear - you don't remember the pain.  Hmm actually I do hahaha  But in time, it will all get buried under happier memories! I will always have happy memories of all the people who supported me in this and physically and monetarily helped.  In a nutshell, wonderful moral support! 

Here are some work I've done lately.  Basically some oil, some watercolors and even acrylics but all portraits!

The one portrait between the watercolors is a project I am doing for a documentary.  It's a portrait on a mussel shell!  But it's not quite ready; I have to paint it again on a bigger mussel shell!  This will probably be my next blog post!

Finally a picture from my studio flanked by my two loved ones husband Scott and Mom :)
Art By Erika Studio
Wishing all my readers a joyful, healthful and prosperous New Year!  Thanks so much for keeping me company!  Don't forget the images are clickable to get bigger version :)  Take care!