Monday, October 27, 2008

Double Oil Portrait Commission WIP#1

Here's a current commission I can share with you in progress with permission from my client since her hubby already knows of this anniversary gift. In fact, she just wanted a portrait of him, but when he found out, it made him sad that she was not going to be in the portrait, sweet huh? They look like a Hollywood teen couple, I told her she reminds me of Lindsay Lohan. It's 11x14 oil in its under painting stage. I'm really enjoying this project as it's a portrait of a couple just as in love since they were teenagers - and they recently married off their college aged daughter! It will be painted in full color and of course you can follow the progress along. Ugh I already see many things that need adjusting.

Well I voted (early) today! I can't believe how long the line was! My friend Linda was kind enough to drive me so I can vote. We got there at 10:01, a minute after they supposedly opened and there was already a long line! Way to go, I say! Your vote counts, I don't care how you vote, but if you don't vote, I don't want to hear any belly achin' coming from you about the country!

Is it me or does it seem like there's never enough time to do everything? lol What would it take to feel more in control of our time? It seems it's always a choice between painting and clearing the kitchen sink or folding the clean laundry, etc. (I usually choose painting lol)


  1. Email comment:
    I thought when you said you voted that you did it by mail! How come you had your voting yesterday, when everyone else is Nov. 4? Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

    The portrait is in oil, right? how thick is the underpainting, and do you let it dry completely before the next stage?

  2. We've had early voting here since last week, the primitive California people don't have that? :)

    Portrait is oils yes. Just Raw umber, white to tint and black to shade with turp so it's transparent and dries fast. Not at all thick. Yup I let it dry completely or else I'd just smear it all over.

    Now I don't always use raw umber for my main color; I also use burnt umber, sometimes green, blue, burnt sienna, or cad. red light or red oxide. Depends on... well I guess it depends on nothing but my mood lol

  3. Looks like a good start to me! So what did you paint for fun that day?

    We leave tomorrow to drive home. Hopefully l will feel like painting outside in Eureka on Thursday.

  4. This was the fun piece! You know what a relief it is to get started on a commission finally!

    Oh I need to call Massey re. lunch huh?

  5. No time Erika...No time to comment!
    Love it, see ya later- bye!

    No Just kidding... a little. I am proud of you Erika for voting. It's not something I do... Don't worry there will be no "belly achin' coming from" me to you... I'll complain to everyone else.
    No not really, however I think it would be a fabulous idea to take photographs of the voters standing in long lines to cast their ballot. I hear that there hasn't been anything like it. It may make a nice painting or two.

    Your portrait commission is shaping up nicely. It's strange to see how vintage yet modern the couple looks.

    I'm working on my Japanese series and don't think I'll be able to do DSFDF for a little while.

  6. You funny girl you Alice! Well I hope to do the current DSDF. I might still do the Alabama cow since she's so cute! I really want to do it in oils that's why I'm not rushing to do it.

    I'm sending you very positive thoughts as you paint your series. I need to read back on your past posts so I know how the sailors tied in there. Maybe you were just reminiscing HAHAHAHA!!!!


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