Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This totally made me laugh I had to do this!

I'd credit the Photoshop artist but I don't know who it is -bravo and well done! I vote this best Photoshop art and most effective!

As for me I feel like a Shakespearean story "Much Ado about Nothing!" Well I am busy with my commissions but there's so much more I want to do too WAH!


  1. DUH! I had to look in REAL close on an enlargement to figure it out! Was looking for a sex organ or some other weird kind of shadow.

    too funny!

  2. It's frightening and amazing what photoshop can do nowadays.

  3. That is a riot. Thanks for posting it! We could use some levity in this election season.

  4. I agree Alice, I'm sure rags like National Enquirer have big shrines for the software lol

  5. Caren ain't it cool? I always make room for levity and actually I'm glad the candidates have great sense of humor too outside of the political arena!


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