Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Wheels of the My Mind"

"Notice Fleeting Life"

I thought I'd show you a couple of my 3'x4' acrylics on canvas art that are really too big for me to take good photos of lol

Barbara Jump, who is one of my talented watercolor colleagues in my WnW group (Watercolors Wet and Wild), was kind enough to cut down some of her multiple brands of watercolor papers so I can explore them.

I painted all ACEO or 2.5"x3.5" formats. First was from one of my stock Lanaquarelle 140lb hotpress. "Rose in my Shelf" This was a cutting from my own garden which I placed in a shelf by my computer. The salmon-pink tones of the rose just called on me until I finally gave in and painted it.

"Daisy Drops" was painted on Fabriano Uno 140lb coldpress. This was painted for Watercolor Wednesday theme "April Showers". Back in 2002 someone gave me some Fabriano paper samplers from a shop that went out of business. I fell in love with one of the papers but couldn't recall which one it was. I do believe it was Fabriano Uno! It has a lovely fine weave and fine tooth to it which somehow made it feel so luxurious to paint on. I felt quality under my brush.

"Backlit Daffodil" This was painted on Winsor Newton 140lb. coldpress. This was also done for Watercolor Wednesday theme which was "Hello Yellow". Anyway, I am still trying to befriend yellow flowers. And I am always inspired by back lit floral images. I am not as pleased with this painting as I am with the other two. But as far as papers go, I think I'd be perfectly content having these selections of paper in my supplies at any given day.