Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonalist landscape in oils, calcite cabochon wire wrap

"Simple Pleasures" 16x30 oil on canvas panel
My submission for my own masterminded challenge at our local art club. Some anonymous person left something like 20 uniformed but beautiful frames at the studio porch. They are this non-standard opening so some of us had to have wood cut for support. In my case I mounted canvas which I gesso a few times on it. Anyway, at one of the meetings, I thought we could share the frames as an art club by challenging members to take home a frame and create something "with it". So yeah, it will be interesting how they all interpreted that piece of instruction. Actually, it would be interesting to see just how many actually do something with it and show up for the "Arts on the Creek" event we're having Saturday. If I make it there, I'll be sure and take photos!

Wednesday was the 2nd and last day of my jewelry wrapping class. Our wonderful instructor asked us to show up with possible wrapping design for the 4-inch cabochon stonewe personally picked out. The one I chose is this "honeycomb calcite". I was the first to choose from the lot of them, but this stone stood out so uniquely and so naturally to me. I am glad I picked it too because by the time I thought about my design, it turned out to be something more intricate than my classmates chose! I also decided to do the horizontal format. My choices made it extra challenging of course because I couldn't really look over anybody's shoulders for comparison, in fact I even started out wrong as I was shapping the wrap for a VERTICAL yikes! Good thing we took a break for lunch and I came to my senses as I was figuring out where to put the bindings. It would have been a regrettable mistake as I truly love this piece I ended up with. I cannot tell you how it's so "me". I'm not flamboyant by nature, but I do like the more artsy look.

By clicking on the image below, you can better view my piece along with 5 of the other students' works. There were two more students but I think they were being shy. It is a sign of a good instructor to have her whole class yield such impressive work!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DSDF week 32-34 Yellow Cabs and Fairy Tattoo

"Sundown on Madison Avenue"
6"x12" oil on canvas

I don't remember my last DSDF... was it the sushi or the mannequins. Too tired to check my blog lol I don't mind admiting that some weeks only DSDF gives my the gumption to paint something new. I'm very grateful to Karin's continued support of her DSDF blog! OMG straight lines and I? We're not friends at all! Not even if I use a ruler. It also didn't help that I taped up a piece of canvas on wood, then painted the ground grey so I didn't have a basis for my straight line!!!!!!! Argh oh well, there ya go! My first citiscape painting I believe - and I already told you the reason why hahaha!

And my dear collector, good friend and total ego booster has sent me the final photos of her tattoo that was based on my watercolor of a mermaid. Voila! I think the complete rendition is beautiful and I will forver be HONORED in a big way!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dabbling with wiring jewelry

Last Saturday I finally had this opportunity to dabble into some jewelry making. Just as I had expected Delane Cox was a superb teacher, she was very structured. We created 3 pieces in ONE day. I didn't photograph the first piece, though it was just practice "sculpture" which was a pain to make and fun to look at, just take my word for it lol However this first piece is a sterling silver bracelet. And I hand-made every single part you see on it including making the twisted wire and hook!

This 2nd piece is perhaps not as exciting for me but it's a fun piece. And I am proud that I was able to create the band symmetrical which apparently is a challenging quality to do. It was a wonderfully productive way to spend 8 hours of my Satruday. Incidentally it was my hubby's birthday gift for me to take the class and he bought me supplies too :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pastel Peonies still life

"Pastel Peonies" 11x14 pastels
My dear Hillary and I were playing with her pastels last month when I was in California. As usual, we had other things we wanted to do cramped in the same day like eating some more and attending local art shows, so at the last minute I loaded her watercolor brush with water and blended my pastel of the orange together and came up with this piece.

"California Orange" 6x6 pastels on watercolor paper
She responded so positively to it which of course made me happy :) So once again not having much time to do art, I drew painted the peonies my neighbor gave me in the same manner. I see now that I could have gone farther with my layers to give my still life more body. But sometimes there's this rouge spirit that comes out of me that just wants a rough finish to it.

And now I must dash to a luncheon art meeting sigh.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother Baby Portrait done!

"Warmth of Belonging"
18x24 oil on canvas

What a perfect piece to finish for Mother's Day weekend! This piece started out a little different from my usual approach to my oil portraits. I've been feeling as if I'm in transition and I have to step back and try to see the direction I'm taking. Here is the post of how it I started this piece:
first post , 2nd post

Or maybe it has something to do with the rotator cuff pain I've been enduring for over a year now. Yesterday I finally succumbed to cortisone shot which sent me to full body pain for a whole day. But today is the big relief and I need to jump into my self therapy program immediately.

I actually have more paintings to share which I'll post more soon. I just wanted to share something Mother's Day like for now so I can greet my friends and other readers a very Happy Mother's Day! xox