Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Every Fiber of a Woman in Flight

This is my entry for Women in Flight juried art exhibit.  I hope I'm correct in reading the prospectus that I didn't have to paint airplanes :) When thinking about it, I recalled a series of 18x24 paintings I did of women jumping or being in mid-air.  My series was called "Leap of Faith" and all three pieces have sold!  One of them flew all the way to Australia!  The buyer first bought an ACEO painting which is a 2.5"x3.5" original watercolor then after receiving it, surprised me that she had taken the time to browse my art online and chose to buy one of my Leap of Faith piece!  I learned that Australia will not accept package longer than 30 inches.  My husband had to completely streamline and strengthen the packaging of the framed painting.  And the painting arrived safely!

This piece was inspired by how I feel when I envision something that I feel it in every fiber of my body.  When I want to take a leap of faith or "take flight"toward something important to me, it seems it's all I can think of.

"Fibers of her Vision of Flight" 25x30x1.5 oil on canvas

Can you see the female figures in flight?  They are jumping to their dreams; their vision. :)

Why the blue eyes?  My answer is I don't know.  I just like to paint what I feel like painting when I take a modern approach.  It's not as structured a process as when I paint traditional style.  This painting was a blind journey from the beginning.  I wasn't sure where it was going to lead and I'm really glad it proved enjoyable.  My next project is a 10 million years old portrait commission. I'm ready to execute it.

What's currently throbbing in my fibers is my future art studio!  Scott and I have decided to convert our garage to my very first honest to goodness piece of heaven ART STUDIO!!!!  I will finally be in one room with all my art supplies and painting area!  No more filling my head with memorizing what room I put what.  No more guessing what's in the packed box with the movers' label still on it!  And I can leave a still life set up for weeks if I want and not have to put it away because the set up makes the dining room or living room look like it had a stomach flu and threw up YAYZ!!!! There will also be more private art teaching and some art activities!!! Some active raising of financial resources has begun and will continue to be nurtured for this project!  Thank you for dreams fulfilled!!!! I am doing mental cartwheels and somersaults as I type!!!
The future ArtByErika Studio!
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* I just remembered the eye is blue because I read somewhere that Amelia Earhart's eyes were blue :)