Sunday, December 26, 2010

Handsome Jacob Commission

My best client just published the portrait on Facebook so I thought I'd go ahead and post here as well!

"Happy Jacob" 11x14 charcoal on toned paper
His parents are my friends on Facebook so I get the pleasure of being greeted by this happy spirit's great smiles. His father has been a loyal return client since ...1999? Wow a whole decade at least! I am so happy that Ron and his wife Katharine have been blessed with Jacob because I get blessed too as I watch him grow!

I thought I had more WIP (work in progress) photos than these. My main camera died on me around that time so I guess that's what happened. Here is a short slide show... Thanks Red for showing me (finally hahaha) how to do this Picasa feature! xxxx


Friday, December 24, 2010

A wish for a cheery Christmas!

Here's wishing you the happiest of holidays and a blessed New Year! See you in 2011!!!!
xox Erika

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Randy Higbee Gallery 6-squared Art Show

I took advantage of the opportunity to enter Randy Higbee Gallery's 6-Squared show that was announced on FaceBook And to my delight both my entries were accepted! Here they are, masterfully framed by Randy Higbee! The show will run until December 23rd at
102 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa, CA Phone# (800) 506-7624 As always, click on each image to see them in larger view. Hope your holiday season is going smoothly and happily! :)

"Autumn Harvest 2" 6x6 (art) watercolor on paper framed in white matt board and black rustic $175.00

"Charles" 6x6 (art) watercolor on paper framed in white matt board and black rustic $175.00

The official invitation

A small grouping on the exhibit wall with my paintings.