Friday, March 15, 2013

My art and thoughts on Norman Rockwell

"Why is My Husband not looking at the Norman Rockwell exhibit?" 
watercolor on paper

It's been very busy in my B'ville art life.  I'll start with most recent and catch my blog up to my farthest memory...

We are honored to have 300 plus Norman Rockwell art works visit our local museum Crystal Bridges Museum American Art.  I'm always eager to view original figurative art and that was pretty much the extent of my excitement.  However, as images were being revealed in the museum's FB page, I noticed my interest growing.  Sure enough at the members' preview, I was greeted by these gigantic original paintings!  They were in oils, not some quick paintings that were slapped together to meet a magazine cover deadline.  I know, if only I had read up.  But it was nice to be humbled and surprised with an in your face kinda boldness :)

"Triple Self-Portrait"
Cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, February 13, 1960. Oil on canvas. 44 1/2 x 34 3/4 in. (113 x 88.3 cm). From the permanent collection of the Norman Rockwell Museum

The painting above is one of the pieces visiting.  As I study this, I realize Rockwell pretty much worked like I do.  Like me, he surrounded himself with inspirations from other artists who have done something similar to his current project - photos, books, magazine, mirror, etc.  Brushes on the floor and lots of crumpled papers that simply fell off the pile and I ran them over while concentrating.  My brain is usually like a chipmunk getting more bloated as I acquire all it takes to attack the canvas and any kind of distraction like email, phone calls (and bills) are pushed off the peripheral. 

Anyway, I owe Mr Rockwell my heartfelt apology.  I didn't mean to disrespect my fellow artist.  I was especially saddened when I read that he always felt like many fine artists didn't see him as their equal.  The only reason why he's not my equal is because he will always be above me.  Wow what a fine fine artist he was!

I haven't posted in a while because of so many ups and downs in my life.  I get very affected by stress.  When I have less than all of me to devote because other things needed my attention, it's very hard to go about the routine I like to keep.  I'll always choose family first over my art.  But the clouds somewhat let up and first thing I had to do was get busy producing close to 20 new pieces for a new gallery that started carrying my work back in October.  That's the Norberta Philbrook Gallery.  I produced 17 smallish -6x6, 8x8, 6x12 13 oils and 4 watercolors because I am artist of the month. The reception was well attended and I have sold pieces.  But I feel most victorious that I didn't succumb to the bad flu going around until after I delivered the paitings!!!!  I had every intention to paint MORE but my body had other plans.  After all, my husband has been sick up and down from the bug since October and I was able to avoid it and meet my obligations!  As I type I'm coughing still so let me finish by sharing some photos from the reception.  As always, clicking on each image will give you a bigger view.  I tend to update my Artist page on Facebook so if you're really curious, you can always find me there :)click here ->
"Pensive Vigil" 6x6 oil on canvas
"They're Home!" 6x6 oil on canvas
"Nude Study 1" 8x8 w/c Photo by Norberta Philbrook Gallery