Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Na' Vi Me as Avatar

A couple days ago I FINALLY got to see the movie "Avatar" in 3D. My 3 gal pals and I had a girl day on a Monday which is rare. Of course we had a blast and there was a lot of excitement, screaming, jumping and laughing - it was all Vicki Ross LOL!!!!!!!!!

Well when I got home and had dinner with my hubby who stayed home from work, I jumped right on my Photoshop and played with my kid pic. The image came together fast and I was delighted to get it out of my system :) Here are a couple other steps:

Of course the main character caught my attention! Injured Marine soldier, Jake Sully, is confined to a wheelchair, finds his warrior heart inside a fully functioning and capable body! I so related to him getting so out of hand excited in the lab when he woke up as an Avatar and was able to stand, walk, jump and RUN!

I also appreciated all the hard work and perfectionist level that the whole graphics department had to maintain in order to produce such a flawless animated film. I remember when the first Shrek came out and I was disappointed to detect some glitches. But I sure didn't see any of that in Avatar I'm pleased to say :)

Well I do enjoy graphic art; I love the instant gratification when I think I'm done and I can print it or publish it and send it off to the infinite cyber world. Unlike the oil portrait I'm waiting to dry a bit longer so I can get an even tone and take a photo to show you...