Sunday, May 11, 2008

So many stars... watercolors

"So Many Stars Up in the Sky, Which One is Mine?"
OSWOA / 4x6 inches watercolors on paper

I finally painted something. It's actually inspired by sadness. So much I wanted to see done in my life and I'm feeling my obstacles stacking up on me.

My husband's vigilant researching seem to help me. He has me taking various types of amino acid resources which seem to improve my stamina, especially this latest set up. I've never had to consume so much tablets in my life, too bad they don't also fulfill square meals since I'm always so full with them after chugging a glass of water with each "med time".

I go to bed at 10PM now, but somehow I have a hard time waking up by 11AM. We are still searching for a good "physical medicine" doctor (called physiciatrist). If we do find one, he better have some substance to him.

Anyway, I listed this on Ebay along with my lovely salmon pink rose HERE

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trying to rekindle fire

Today I worked all day at the gallery expecting no traffic due to the predicted heavy storms and possible tornadoes. Also still not feeling my usual, I made sure I was prepared to feel well enough to put in my time in the co-op gallery so I had my comfort foods, my health pills and my watercolors. We had 9 very small sales that probably amounted to $41.00; basically not enough to pay the gallery's utility expenses for the day.

But yesterday 4 of my local art friends took me out for a nice birthday lunch and lavished me with gifts! I was truly grateful for their affection and friendship that's why I wanted to send watercolor thank you cards. So I actually used the long boring 7.5 hours. I came up with the cards. They are not necessarily my usual art, but for some reason, I just can't find the same fire or desire to paint my usual art. I am feeling a little shallow - art wise. But maybe these being my best for now is a good start.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Post Polio Syndrome you're not welcome in my life

There I was in Orange County California picking out these Christian Dior frames for my latest eye prescription since I just consulted with my ophthalmologist about my eye condition (since I had an injury over a year ago). Little did I know I'd end up in emergency room the next evening because my blood pressure was way off my usual charts! I don't remember if I was terribly fatigued before the incident or if I've just now succumbed to my lack of stamina lately.

Through a battery of tests (CT-scan, about 10 blood tests), we are beginning to think my post polio syndrome (PPS) condition has simply progressed. Which means I need to change my lifestyle. My primary doctor is seeking a PPS doctor locally but they can't seem to find one. In the meantime, my dear husband is relying on Internet for research. He has acquired a lot of minerals capsules that his research has lead him to believe I need. I feel like all I'm eating are capsules and tablets ALL DAY long. But I must admit, I'm feeling a little more like myself this week than I did last week. I'm thinking keep a blog of both my art and my adventure through this physical condition which seems to have a terrible sense of humor.