Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bluebired Gone Wild

Something I filmed this morning. I'm curious about what information this will bring.
Thanks so much!

Monday, April 12, 2010

CMAM Favorite Food Ferrero Rondnoiri

"Yummy Ferrro Rondnoiri (Fine Dark Chocolate)" 5x5" oil on wood
Here is another Calypso Moon Art Movement entry with the subject Starving Artist talking about food we like to eat though it's bad for us. Cheetos, pork rinds, tweezlers, ICE CREAM, hot cocoa, fried chicken, etc., I could have painted all those and more. But this month is really hectic for me so I had to paint something readily available LOL If you haven't indulged in Ferrero Rondnoiri, you are missing out. The packaging alone illustrates how special they are. Wrapped in burgundy colored foil with brushed texture then seated in a chocolate colored paper cupcake. Then you unwrap it and you see this dark chocolate ball that's covered with chocolate sprinkles. It's a healthy bite size :) As your teeth touch down on it, you hear and feel a crunch. Slight one because it's a thin wafer that shells multi-layered flavors of soft chocolate and some hazelnut. Yes, you read it right hazelnut. My most favorite nut flavor. Check out their website Ferrero

Now it's 55 calories each. So it adds up. And it's bad for me because of that and because sugar simply makes me sleepy and takes away my focus on my art work. Some ingredients are semi sweet chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vegetable oils (palm and sunflower), whey, vanillin and traces of hazelnut.

I am (trying to) paint too much. So far finishing 2 out of 5. It saddens me I can't finish my biggest of them right now (20x24"). We had a death in my family, my dear auntie. Though I did not attend the services (she is being buried today), because it's in California and my family just asked me to stay put, I had to help my Mom get pictures and things ready and I had to contact some people and of course grieve. I don't take death very lightly. And right now I'm still jarred that someone can just be plucked out of my life without a warning. It was a natural death but it's a stunning reminder that we're not in charge. And that we need to make our loved ones priority and go out of our way to spend quality time with them. It's not always convenient, but it is always worth it to remember their smile instead of remembering a face that appeared to ask why you didn't stop to talk. I'm thankful that I always stopped to talk to my auntie.