Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

"Orchid"6x6 watercolor
I am currently visiting in Southern California partly business but mostly pleasure - the pleasure of being warm, surrounded by food I enjoy and of course friends and family.

I had the opportunity to paint a quick commission for a business which I was pleased to do the day before a sudden eye procedure I underwent during the first week of my vacation. A casual visit with my Mom's ophthalmologist brought to our attention a rip in my retina which was a result of a detached vitreous from 2 years ago. I thought just in case worse case scenario takes place, I'd like to know I painted something successfully. Anyway, the procedure was 2 days ago and I'm feeling as if nothing happened already; I am glad I was in capable hands.

Here is the painting framed and ready for delivery! I think it will be a nice addition to their intimate lobby. It's a business by two sisters. One makes silk orchid arrangements and the other has an orchid nursery.

Happy Easter to all my readers! Please excuse my absence, tax time is busy because I am not the most organized person with paperwork so an elaborate scavenger hunt ensues LOL We are also (hopefully) going to be busy with remodeling of our computer area which will eventually become ... basically a "work playroom" for computers, painting and music making. Wish us luck!