Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the mix

House Portrait Commission 8x10 watercolor
I have been busy and as usual I'm entertaining a mix of art.  Today I finished this portrait commission in watercolor.  It's a beautiful lake house successfully sold by local realtor Helen Dansker

"Toasty Cat" 16x12 acrylic on canvas
I also recently finished this acrylic painting.  In time for the grand re-opening of Poor Richards Art Gallery which is one of the galleries carrying my work.

Winter has been most moderate this year.  I've always cringed when I hear people say we have moderate winter in Northwest Arkansas because the last 7 years I've lived here has been too cold for me.  In fact last year we had record-breaking 2 feet of snow.

I am so eager to paint some pieces I have in mind.  It's a good feeling to experience that sensation.  Keep me in mind that I please - ME when I do finally get to creating them!  I am trying to paint for myself... When I say that I mean  I have things I want and need to try out, to see if I am correct in how they will turn out. 

The other night I managed to pry myself out of the house and attended an event at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  It was "Art Night Out" and the theme was Time Travel.  The guests were encouraged to wear clothes from different eras.  I've gotten rid of many clothes recently but fortunately I found a few to throw together as flower child of the 60s.  It was great fun, ran from 7-10PM live music, some readings in front of some museum art, food of course, and finally an open mic poetry reading.  My highlight was when my friend Dustie got up on stage and delivered an impromptu poetry she wrote for the occasion!