Artist Statement

I received my BFA in Drawing & Painting from California State University, Fullerton.  I focused my last two years of training in figurative art as I fell in love with European style where figures emerge from the dark backgrounds.

I also discovered my attraction to the expressive brush works of American Artist John Singer Sargent, who is known for his oil portraits.  His fresh and bold watercolors have definitely influenced my preference as well.  I think the final touch to my style in watercolors was my face-to-face exposure to Charles Reid’s passion.  I had an opportunity to model for him and to stick around for his workshop in Rogers, Arkansas.

I believe any art worth creating requires a great element of fun to let the viewers know I was painting with a smile in my heart! I hope my use of bright colors, and color spatters from my free-spirited handling of the water medium, and my painterly oils, convey how much joy I feel when I paint.