Sunday, May 15, 2016

Garden Party at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Springs, Crystal Bridges Art Museum, watercolor, Erika Nelson, plein air artist, PAPO, ArtByErika
"Crystal Springs" 9x12 watercolor on paper

My plein air group PAPO (Plein Air Painters of the Ozarks)  was invited to the garden party that Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  They wanted it to be an educational experience for visitors so can learn how artists take in the outdoors.  They even provided the guests watercolor supplies!  CLICK ON IMAGES TO SEE BIGGER VERSION
Crystal Bridges Art Museum, Garden Party, Erika Nelson, ArtByErika
My thumbnail sketches
Something I am training myself to do more often is to draw thumbnail sketches of my composition.  I don't know if I actually enjoy doing it but I seem to sell most pieces that I take time to do it for lol  

drawing, watercolors, Erika Nelson, ArtByErika, Crystal Bridges Art Museum
 Then while keeping an eye on both the subject and my chosen thumbnail composition, I draw.  I have double vision problem so when I feel intimidated by all the details of a landscape, I use modified contour drawing method.

watercolors, ArtbyErika, Erika Nelson, plein air
Painting begins
I build up the painting from light to dark which gives me option to change things as as I go and slowly enrich the colors.  Note on the upper part of photo, a guest was painting along with me.  She's a jeweler and we had a nice chat while painting :)

Bentonville, ArtByErika, Erika Nelson, watercolors, plein air
Finished in Bentonville!
 On my way home I saw bicyclists posing in front of this wall for photo so I thought I'd get my shot too :D



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