Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Japan trip, California Rolls DSDF week 25-26

"California Rolls" 5x5 oil on gessoed wood
I'm a big sushi lover but I don't think I've ever ordered California Rolls so I'm not 100% that's what these are. I think it's crab meat, avocado and cucumber wrapped in seaweed which is rolled in sticky rice, I'm not sure about the roe on top though... But I know that I LOVE wasabi so I had to include it in the picture somehow :) My favorite sushi are maguro, tako and spider roll and salmon skin hand roll :) Anyway, here is the reference photo copyrighted to Karin Jurick which she challenged us with in Different Strokes by Different Folks Week 25-26. Click on images to enlarge.

My favorite cuisine is Japanese food. I also enjoy the culture very much. In 2004 my dear husband let me tag along on one of his business trips to Japan and I had a ball!!! It was the best sushi I've EVER experienced - of course! I had so much fun that I created a web page for it when we got home :) Click here to see if you're interested Our Trip to Tokyo

I'm thrilled that my one and only figure sculpture won an award in the recent EBSQ show "Figure in 3D" yay!
Last week I was so thrilled to get out of bed and not rush to put socks and shoes on! In fact I was so happy I decided to grill a salmon fillet and serve it with green beans and roast pine nuts and washed it down with bottle of Snapple Asian Pear, it was a perfect lunch out on the deck. Today however was another cold day. We were supposed to have snow so I was pleased to not wake up to another winter wonderland!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sistahs Fiestaware Party DSDF week 23-24

"Coffee Clutch" 9x12 watercolor
It was hard for me to take this challenge too seriously for some reason lol But I love the word "sistahs" so I decided to use Fiestaware to rhyme the word with hahaha! Actually my original concept was a full sheet watercolor on Yupo but I just couldn't get my supplies together on time and the 8x10 study I did for it fizzled within 15 minutes (too small).

So here is my contribution to DSDF week 23-24 challenge with Karin Jurick! One can only imagine what these sistahs from different muthas were are ranting about. Maybe it's the last season of The Bachelor and how Jason proved to be just another shortsighted man who was absent when they were distributing class! Bleeghhh I'm glad I didn't see the whole season and decided to just peak into the last show ;)