Erika's Woman Art

My Art about Women.  Please click on each image for enlargement.  The dimension vary from 3'x4' down to 4"x6"

"Fleeting Life, Behold" 3'x4' acrylic gallery canvas (available)

"Anna" Oil and gold leaf. Commission piece, client gave license to make my call on interpretation

"Fibers of Her Vision of Flight" 25" x 30" x1.5" oil on canvas
This won best of show and was purchased during opening reception.  When seen in person, each color on her face is a female figure jumping or taking flight.  

"Fatal Fetal" pastels 

The rest are small 4"x6" watercolors all sold. I let myself be limited by my ability to pack and ship art when I sell online.  But I wanted to give you an idea how my mind works for creating woman art.