Friday, November 4, 2011

Hope Springs!

Today I received my sketchbook from Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project 2012.  This will be my latest attempt at creating art.  With our continued effort to move and sell our previous home, we've been too busy and a bit stressed about the whole "downsizing" effort.  So far all my art supplies are filling up the 2-car garage  yikes!  Yet I don't think I have an art room to speak of in our new (older) home.  It does cause me to question if I want to continue being a visual artist!  It takes so much supplies and space to do this unless I want to limit myself to small format or nothing bigger than 8x10 - then fork out the money to have everything custom framed.  I just can't express myself well in those tight dimensions.

In the meantime we can only focus on what's here.  That there's too much and there's only the two of us who will mostly have to sort through it.  For now, I'll throw out a question to the universe if I really should pursue this thing called Fine Art or go explore a different creative outlet.  For now, I will participate in this Sketchbook Project just to have a small string tethered to the fine artist in me.  My theme is "Hope" :)
 Somewhere here is projected to be a space for my art creation.  It's windowless and dark.  I know this whole plan is good.  I will keep a look out for more direction :)

By the way I am uploading some images for merchandising in my Zazzle store.  They have a special until Nov. 6 for 50% on cards  code:4EVERYMOMENT  <--my Zazzle store :)