Saturday, August 9, 2008

God must be an oil painter

"Aqua Magik" watercolor on yupo

I was so pleased to receive a call that the gallery sold my full sheet watercolor of the above painting. It's always nice when I make a sale especially a big piece! It was a much needed good news as that day we had to take my dearest Mom to emergency due to her first bout with high blood pressure. She will have to see her doctor when she returns home to California. I sure wish we didn't live so far apart.

The watercolor I sold was painted on Yupo paper. I wanted to approach my mermaid painting using a different technique for making the subject interesting to look at and fun to do. Since it was a big piece, I was able to play with some liquid mask so I could paint the piece more carefree and keep it fluid. Would I do it again? Well, I tend to see masking as more technical and not really painting, so chances are I will not use as much if I ever use it again.

I have sold a lot of mermaid paintings but they were mainly small format and no bigger than 6 inches. How impressed was I to realize a big one sold too! I was also aware that fish images are good luck so I think that gave it some mojo along with some symbols I added.

Last night our Netflix movie was "The Kite Runner". I've decided it was my #1 fave flick of my recent viewings (in fact I've even added a section on my side bar to show my top 5 recent faves). I've always been drawn to foreign films because I love not knowing getting an inkling about the plot. Also, I enjoy being exposed to different thoughts and culture. But this movie got me thinking that it was a good example of people being exactly where we need to be despite how bad or difficult the situation might seem. It reminds me of painting in oils and I'm just dabbing paints all over the place while someone who might be watching the piece in progress don't get the image at all. Oil painting has to go through ugly stage and you can't really appreciate the final piece until the very end. I guess the movie gave me hope that we just need to trust we are fine. The casting of Hassan, the good kid, was just perfect and he absolutely stole my heart!

I also saw "Mama Mia!" in fact I'm so happy I saw it with my Mom as she really enjoyed it :) The main thing I loved about it was Merryl Streep. She was on top of her game! GOSH I can't believe her energy and bottomless resources for talent!

Finally, for something erotic, I LOVED "Lust, Caution" Man oh man oh man oh man! Definitely food for the artist appetite I say!


  1. Thank you and congrats to you too!! First sign of red has prints available. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks T!
    I'll have to contact you for size and prices maybe we can deal at the ANA show. Wish I could have the original though; it's always a battle twixt the my seller and collector sides.

  3. Thank you for the info on the video thing, Erika...When I get a moment I will get the info from you....I really appreciate your support!! You're a doll!

  4. ooooooh fun. i had forgotten all about liquid mask!

  5. E...I had no idea that oils are ugly ducklings. Maybe that is why I didn't let 'mom' preview the progress on the oil portrait!


  6. Yes, scary! I usually preview the drawing, the under painting, almost done and done.


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