Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pastel portrait and the outdoors

While watching TV with my DH I thought I'd try drawing a portrait in pastels from a photo of my friend Vicky I took with my phone. Amazing how technology enables us to be so portable. I think I bought a brand new 35mm Canon EOS about a few days before Mom bought me a Sony Digital Camera. Needless to say, my EOS has simply sat since and I don't believe I have used it for anything else than taking slide photos of my art that I needed to enter in shows.

I am thinking of entering a local pastel juried show so I thought I'd visit an old friend. Actually pastels are more like "old acquaintance" as I've never really gotten to know it as well as charcoals, oils and fact I've used acrylics more than pastels. But with all the pastels I have, I should really give the show a shot. Often times I wish I wasn't so happily involved with all my art mediums/media as it would REALLY make my life so much SIMPLER!

Now that I've shown you I do use my art room occasionally. Ok, I did the pastel in the computer room not my art room, so? :-p

Last weekend, I've convinced Dear DH to enhance my FAVORITE SPOT. My FS was just but a space between 2 pine trees but the gentle breeze blows through that it's an instant high for me. All drugs would be useless if people were all as easy to please as I am lol! So he moved a swing which was never accessible to me right between those trees and he built me a natural rock planter area so I can garden and be able to reach the soil a lot easier. I pretty much hang out there daily since last Sunday :) Yesterday I sat in the swing until the fireflies were visible and the sun had pretty much set. Thanks sweet man!


  1. What a wonderful setting - I'm so glad you have such a peaceful place to work on your health! You deserve it! Keep getting better, Erika - RoseAnn

  2. Hey Erika!! Thank you for the comment.....The pastel looks just like Vicki!! And your yard is gorgeous!!! I will be looking forward to some more of your fabulous artwork!!

  3. Hey there RoseAnn! Thanks! I've since gotten carried away adding more plants and I forget it's like adopting children that I constantly need to nurture. But hopefully it will serve as sort of meditative activity rather than a chore to do ha!

    Theresa, awww thanks! You know some people just have such elusive features that change with different angles, so I'm absolutely flattered you think I've captured her! You're so sweet I'm glad we're back in touch, you just don't realize it ;)

  4. WOW! can't believe you didn't SCREAM at me to read your blog...I didn't know about it being back up and running, bad gurl!

    You really captured me...that's scary! Mr. Les even had trouble. I'm told it is because my face is never still! And not recognizable without my mouth flapping.


  5. You think I captured you? I'm not really happy with it but it's yours :) xox


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