Sunday, July 6, 2008

EBSQ Art of the Day today!

Today I had the honor of being EBSQ art of the day (AOTD). Here is the piece if you want to read more:

We had a wonderful 3-day weekend. Our next-door neighbor invited us over and only asked us to bring drinks and fireworks. I think their grandkids had a blast with all the fireworks they ended up with as they started at daylight until we were all tired of watching any more lol The food and company were the best!

Hubby trimmed a few trees and somehow it took 2 days to burn them! It's not often we have burn days anymore, but thanks to the rain it was safe to do it and even to light fireworks last Friday. It was nice to be outdoors most weekend though it was hot and humid. I do enjoy being away from the computer :)


  1. CONGRATS! I get the daily email and I was THRILLED to see your work! Wonderful job hun, you deserve it.

  2. That's so nice of you to subscribe to them! Thanks for the congrats Truly :)


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