Thursday, July 3, 2008

A tattoo tribute to my art

Today I saw a big surprise on the Internet! One of my Internet friends and collector of my art had her arm tattooed with one of my art work from last year! The original sold on Ebay and I have since sold prints on different Internet venues and in a local gallery.

My friend Truly posted some photos in the Ebay OSWOA group along with this text:

Some time ago, one of my favorite artists created a watercolor painting that took my breath away. In my opinion, this artist is the best watercolorists that I know. She is also a very dear friend that has provided endless inspiration in my life. Well, I could not afford the hefty price tag on the original painting, but I contacted the artist and kindly asked her if I could use the painting as a basis for a tattoo that I wanted. Fortunately, this kind soul allowed it and yesterday I went to get this piece on my arm. It took 8.5 hours, and we are about half way done. The detail involved is incredibly and I will forever remember Mrs. Erika Nelson every time I look at my arm. Erika, you are a friend, a confidant, and a spectacular artist. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this. You have entered my life and positively altered it forever. Love You!! Truly Younts

Here is the original watercolor painting 4"x6" watercolor /OSWOA

Here is a pic of the tattoo 8.5 hours into it (5.5 hours spent mainly on the hair) Photo courtesy of Truly Younts Tattoo by talented German artist Annie Frenzel.

I don't deserve all those kind words from her. But I'm extremely thrilled and wonder if I have finally made a dent in this world with my art after all :) Gotta love that woman, she always makes me feel like I'm something special! xox

More update when it's done!


  1. Well, with the wonderful art, it wasn't too hard to make a beautiful tattoo! I do love your work Erika and I am thrilled to have it.

  2. OH MY Goodness, How wonderful! Both the painting and the thought and the well, just everything, I sooooooooooo remember that painting too Erika! How wonderful that you've touched YET ANOTHER heart and soul, You have not only that gift, but your art gift. Thats why I love you so much. Your art shines through the world, and now on this nice mans arm!

  3. Oops, meant to write woman, whichever right, you knew what I meant. :) I would be proud to have it on my arm for sure.

  4. Lori! Thanks so much you're always so sweet. It's a woman's arm by the way but I love you anyway!


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