Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dearly Beloved Child

My commission oil portrait of a baby born prematurely and who sadly only lived 4-6 hours, is coming along to my liking and I'm so pleased! I can be such a sorrowful artist that my system has a hard time going forward when all is not right with my execution as far as I'm concerned. This baby's grandmother commissioned this and she is not just a regular client for about 5 years, but I've also grown so fond of her as a dear friend though I haven't met her in person. I just feel like she's always paid such a caring attention to me and my art and I just want her to know I appreciate it and return the kind gesture to what's important to her.

Anyway, I spoke to her on the phone for the first time last week and I was able to ask her some sensitive questions about the baby that I felt uncomfortable to ask via email. And I guess that was the key so now I am able to go forward. :0)

Here is the rest of it, but it's all still a work in progress.

11"x14" commission oil portrait on canvas. The sunlight on the right is more yellow and will get even more so as I work on it; that section is very under developed right now.

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  1. Very realistic, Erika. &hearts The delicate tiny baby features are nicely done.

    I love watching you work!


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