Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fuchsia of My Eyes

"Fuchsia of My Eyes" watercolors, image fits in 8"x10" mat opening.

So titled because I've yet to paint lovely fuchsia flowers that I can get gratification from lol The intent is always there. But for some reason, the journey from my eyes to my brain, to my hand, then to the tip of my brush results in something almost abstract. Anyway, there she is.

Today I went to the final liquidation sale of a gallery and art store that has shown my work. It's a direct casualty of our current economy. Just when they installed a permanent wheelchair ramp too! So I ended up buying the temporary ramp they especially built for me. It's a work of art in itself with beautiful ly cradled planks of wood in aluminum. Very sturdy. It's no wonder too as a sculptress built it who is a co-owner of the place.

She congratulated me on an article she read on me recently. I was surprise as it was the first I heard about it though I knew something might come up since I was interviewed. It's now published online if you are interested: http://www.nwanews.com/bcdr/News/62954 Yup, it's basically a plug for one of the galleries that carries my work.
I've been painting my oil portrait commission and I'm also sharpening up some of my basic knowledge. I am busy creating about 12 6x8 canvas color charts of oil pigments I use. When I'm done I will have 660 half-inch oil squares of colors to save me time trying to figure out what colors I will need for my next painting.

Most of the time I try a limited palette of yellow, red, blue and white then I mix my black by combining the primaries which result in nice harmony. But I'm getting very tired of those colors.

I'm still not feeling all that well. But this week I will see a pulmonary specialist who will run tests. I only pray his knowledge is useful to me as I know I will have to pay for it even if he's completely useless. **keeping fingers crossed**


  1. Erika, I was so happy to see a new post from you! I'm so sorry you're still feeling icky, but I hope this new doctor really makes a difference! We miss your posts so much in the WNW group. Every time I log in, I hope to see your smiling face! Come home soon!!! WE love ya!!!

  2. One more thing, I can't paint fuscia to save my life!!! They're impossible!!! :)

  3. Dear RoseAnn!!! ***HUGS*** Compared to how I felt after that emergency incident (and may weeks before), I am in more decent shape now, thanks so much. In fact I am getting back to painting more regularly and I expect to be done with my baby commission very soon!

    But of course since I've fallen so far behind it means I will need to be catching up on other things too. So I will be back posting more but likely not as much as I used to.

    Talk to you again soon my dear friend! xox


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