Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pastel still life

"Teacups and Roses" 14x37 pastel on paper
I managed to keep myself together and finish this big piece for the Ozark Pastel (juried) Show. I was also sleepless for 33 hours as a result so I could finish both pieces and frame them then deliver them to Springdale Art Center of the Ozarks and finally to get home in time to attend our niece's baby shower. After all the sugar they had at the party I was pretty alert for a few more hours lol I had to chase all that sugar with some veggies and dip.

Well it would have been nice to be able to see some fellow artists and their works at the Art Center but when fellow artist Shirley Mullen and I arrived there, my van ramp wouldn't go down so I could get out :(

I also won't be able to attend the reception as the hubby and I will be out of town so I guess I'll have to catch the rest of the show another day.

After about 10 hours of sleep I'm feeling a little more like myself. For now I need to do some yard work and check into some portrait commissions waiting for me .

I will be painting still life with a group mid-week so hopefully I will have something to show for the effort :)


  1. Erika this is so beautiful and lush. I love how the roses in the background and the rose pattern on the china blend together.

  2. Thanks Theresa! It's a pretty girlie piece isn't it? lol My husband bought me a lovely bouquet of colorful roses. I couldn't take my eyes off healthy roses so I decided to immortalize them :)

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Erika!!!! Fantastic color and composition. Thank you for your fabulous comment on the Schmid Post...I will keep my eyes open for the accessibility...and say hi to Richard and Nancy for you at the pre-auction party...if I can get close enough!! LOL!

  4. Thanks T! Have fun in Colorado! xx

  5. China Doll! I loved your teacups...but since names were hidden, I couldn't figure out yours. NOW, I remember! My still life didn't get noticed,!


  6. Red I really wish I could have attended the reception and heard Les De Mille's talk about about the judging.

  7. WOW Erika, I had NEVER seen this before until I got an update on your cheers, which I love too, but this is MARVELOUS! How wonderful that the person who urned for it, recieved it! :) Beautiful! I love the colors, composition, everything!


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