Monday, August 25, 2008

Watercolor Starlings on Yupo

"Sterling Starlings" 26x20 watercolor on Yupo

Indeed I enjoyed painting this piece. The reference photo was excitedly sent to me by my dear Internet friend I haven't met in person but known since 2002 Leanne Wildermuth. Now she can't accuse me of never painting from her amazing photos :) She is true to her domain name

I hear I didn't get any award in the pastel show
but I move onward and entered this piece in the ANA (Artists of Northwest Arkansas) Annual juried show. For now it's the closest to museum art viewing as I can get without going out of town. I've seen some amazing works exhibited in this show so last year I was particularly pleased to receive best of drawing for my "On the Edge" charcoal drawing on toned paper. It's always an honor to hang among some great fellow local or almost local artists in this show. Last year was the first time for me to meet Theresa Rankin and her well done art in person. She took in best of oils last year.

is a wonderful tool for me to playfully express my colors in watercolors without losing the intensity to the fibers of paper. Every pigment and brave and carefree brush stroke is preserved on the surface of the paper. I am very pleased that I've met some new buyers by using this paper.


  1. Yay for yupo! Fabulous watercolor, my friend! :o)

  2. Belinda!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise! I'm so happy to "hang out" with you more these days :) Thanks so much, I let myself go with this one :o)


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