Monday, April 4, 2011's Ann Templeton and DPW landscape!

"Green of Spring" 5"x7" oil on masonite
What an absolutely victorious painting session to be able to combine work and art play! I created this painting to fulfill an assignment in a landscape online workshop offered by the legend Ann Templeton through It also fulfills my challenge submission to this week's Daily Paintworks.

I am not a landscape artist, but Ann Templeton took the fear away and put fun and sense of victory in my painting session. Here is her website : ANNTEMPLETON.COM

For DPW, this is a challenge offered by Carol Marine who wanted us to see how we would paint from her photo taken in Germany. Thanks Carol that was fun! :)

I work for as creative "film" editor so why not check out my latest creation which happens to be a trailer for Ann Templeton's class using the technology of VoiceThread.Com
Click here Ann Templeton "Aspens" :)


  1. Like your landscape, Erika. So cool to have good online tutors.

  2. Hello third room studio thanks so much! I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  3. Hi Ann thanks! Perhaps you want to check out the online art tutorial we offer at MyArtTutor.Com, there's a lovely selection of very talented and well known teachers! :)


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