Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cloud lesson from Ann Templeton and Abstract art

 "Multi-level Cloud" 12x16 oil on canvas

According to the weather forecast we're REALLY about to have some bad weather this evening! You'll know if I survived if/when I post again!

I'm enjoying once again putting into practice lessons from Ann Templeton on This is literally my first sky painting and I'm surprised that I like it!  I painted this after one of my cloud photos, and if you're my Facebook friend, you know I'm an avid cloud photographer!
I can't forget one flight back from California.  I was in a shuttle plane.  We were entering a cloudy section and i was so in awe to be in the middle of a multi-level cloud formation!  Gigantic clouds!  If it were a skyscraper, I was on the third floor or some mid level because I could see levels of clouds beneath us and above us with sunlight filtering in and out hitting what seem to be solid walls of clouds.  It's the closest I'll ever get to flying among them :)

"Wheels of Life" 4'x5' acrylics on canvas

I attended an art meeting yesterday and I was delighted to see my painting hung so proudly by the art director!  This must be the only abstract art I have "in public view" HAHAHA  I love the freedom, texture and dimension I can embrace with abstract art.  I grew up admiring my dear brother in law, Raul G. Isidro's work.  He is very successful in Asia, especially in the Philippines.  I'm sure you'd easily see the influence!  Now I'm sorry I played with dolls and toy guns as a kid instead of sitting in his studio watching him work!  If I only knew what amazing resources I had within my reach I would have changed so much!  But because of him I was painting at age 6 and drawing real life drawing models at 15 among college students because he was the dean of Fine Arts :)

Detail of "Wheels of Life" click on image

Go ahead!  You know you want to ask if I ran over the canvas!  :D


  1. Oh boy! I'm first! Luvluv the clouds...can't wait for Ann to see. AND, looks like betty grable tracks to me. Gonna go look at Raull's work now.


  2. Loved your prose, so to speak, and the clouds and abstract piece! You are so productive!!! What's the secret? Good girl.

  3. RED! Can't wait for Ann to see to! I already modified some things like the two dark blue lines on bottom left. xox

  4. Sylvia you are my best collector but most of all my best blog supporter I'm so grateful for you! My secret in being productive? Maybe I finally had "more to say" :)

  5. I love it! I mean the "Wheels of Life" was telling a story.

  6. Hi Ate Anna! Glad you like it! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  7. Love the clouds, Erika, they have so much life to them. The abstract is quite wonderful as well.


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