Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DPW Chicken and ACEO still life

"Puck Puck Puck" SOLD
9x12 watercolor on paper
This week's Daily Paintwork's challenge was brought to us by Carol Marine.  The challenge was simply to paint the photo of the chicken she provided or use our own reference.  I chose her photo because I felt like dealing with the challenge of painting something white.

These next ones are ACEO 

 "Simply Iris" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor on paper
Usually after I paint my small format art like the ACEO, I like to press the painting between two pieces of wood overnight.  I painted the sunflowers the other night... just to seize the day and before the flowers was about to be offered to the birds. As I was supposed about to press it, I was surprised by the iris painting I had in between the woods.  I think it's been at least 2 years...probably more.

"Sunflowers" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor on paper
I think I enjoyed painting this looser piece.  Painting tight was probably what made me stop painting them before!

I have been redesigning my blog.  I hope to get done with it soon because it sure eats up my art time!


  1. I love them! I haven't painted all week and I really need to. Love your looseness!

  2. Thanks Brenda! Time gets away so easily doesn't it? So you better get to it! Thanks for the visit :)

  3. Erika, "Puck, Puck, Puck" really put a smile on my face. Great job! Also, love "Sunflowers." And it does show how your style has loosened up since painting "Simply Iris."
    But the iris looks really good too. Good job all the way around. Thumbs up!!


  4. Thanks Sylvia! Sometimes I wonder if I've been to too many shows and too many museums because I feel like I have a group show on my walls sometimes. :) Appreciate your comments!

  5. I absolutely love the chicken's expression - beautifully painted. The flowers are little gems!


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