Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting Daffodils and Daily Paintworks Challenge

"Happy Daffy" 3x3 inches oil on canvas
This was my attempt at an older challenge project for Daily Paintworks. This one was a challenge offered by Carole Marine. Here is the One Color Per Stroke Challenge I REALLY enjoyed this challenge as I think it has breathed new life into my painting sessions! I bet I'd still revert somehow to a tighter style but hopefully when I do, I'd still retain what I learned here. I love that it's fresh and sparkly!

I absolutely cannot believe how much I look forward to my art time! It has been THREE years since I last enjoyed being among my art supplies! I cannot tell you what broke me from it and I cannot tell you why it clicked again! All I know is that I feel like I took a happy art pill somehow HAHAHA I really wish I could bottle it up and save some for 'just in case".

I call myself a traveling artist. I chase the right lighting around the house. There is nothing like natural light and being comfortable indoors during the cold and hot seasons. I am still painting from the bouquet of daffodils my neighbors brought me! Here's today when I chased the light in the laundry room. Work in progress painting there.

This is the study watercolor piece I did which I painted in the kitchen HAHAHA That's the glass top. And did I tell you my house throws up on my painting days? You can imagine it I'm sure :) I'm just lucky my husband loves and supports me!!!


  1. Love those bright and cheery daffodils! :D

  2. Simply beautiful sistah! You make beautiful art...say hi to Scott and kiss him for being a loving, understanding and supportive husband to you! Love you Ate BBBbbbbb

  3. Erika, I love your little "Happy Daffy". So fresh and sparky it is. I can visualize your rolling around chasing the light! Great idea.

    Glad that you are having so much fun painting again.

  4. Hi Tootsie Roll! Yes daffodils are one of first flowers to greet me in spring and they always seem so cheery :) Thank you! xome

  5. Hi Ate Bbbbbb Thank you! I will relay your kind sentiment to him love you!

  6. Sylvia thank you! Yes, being an artist can use up a lot of energy driving around chasing the natural light but when it works it's grand! Thank you so much for being so attentive xox

  7. Hi, my name is Tiara. I'm 9 years old. I love to paint too. This is my blog


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