Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Challenge and Feeling Good

I recently stumbled upon a group of outstanding blogging artists who participate in a challenge group They have weekly art challenges and this week it's painting from a black and white photo of Abraham Lincoln. First challenge was to paint in neutral tones using ocher and ultramarine blue . Second was interpret the b/w photo in color. So here are my contributions each around 5x7-6x9-ish watercolor on paper.

I haven't really had successful art time in a while. But I hope with spring knocking on the cold door of Northwest Arkansas, I will once again find time to create more art that make me feel good to share. Today was a particularly good day to choose to paint. I woke up feeling inspired, especially when I found this video that encapsulated how I felt. I hope it empowers you too :)


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaand......she's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all the loose freshness of an original watercolor by Erika Nelson. Way to go!!!

  2. Hiya Tootsie! I like the colorful younger Abe :D Glad you're Back!

  3. Hillary HAHAHA thanks! I hope to see your submission(s) on those challenges some time :)

  4. Tootsie Roll! Thanks, hope to stay back. Hubby likes the older messed up hair one. Not sure which I prefer, just happy I did it :D


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