Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daily Paintworks Help Japan Challenge by Keiko Tanabe

Help Japan (Art) Challenge is this week's Daily Paintwork's challenge by Keiko Tanabe to any artist who would like to participate in a fundraiser to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I encourage all artists and art admirers to please CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE and read and consider participating as an artist, as a bidder or better yet, both! I will be participating :) The theme is HOME.

More About Help Japan Challenge
About Daily Paintworks Challenges

Auctioned pieces will be added daily, there are some existing now. Witness the power of goodwill, may it add cheer to your day each time you see the latest updates!!! :)


  1. I love Ms. Keiko's art! subscribe to her blog, and she subscribes to us :)

  2. Hey Red, hope you can whip up a piece for the auction too or I bet you have something in your collection :D

  3. Yes, there are lots of neat paintings here. It's easy to enjoy viewing the challenges. I'll keep checking this site looking for YOUR'S. If "home" is the theme I didn't see many that resonated "home".

    A good day to ya!

  4. Hi Sylvia I guess we have many different thoughts about home :) I bet some of the artists also simply wanted to submit a piece they would would be marketable!


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