Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DSDF 12-13 Buddha Chakras 1st Christmas!

Buddha oil painting
"Buddha Morning" 10x10 oil on canvas

I am so glad I did this week's DSDF in oils. It's so juicy so I used one of my special 10x10x2 gallery wrapped canvas. It was very odd to paint this and the scary news from India was first thing I heard when I turned on the TV (I like noise in the background). My prayers to all affected.

Buuzzzy beeesy busy! Getting ready for Thanksgiving at my sis-in-law, she and hubby give the best Thanksgiving bash! I'm bringing Browned Butter Squash and cut veggies and dip.

Tomorrow we meet the newest addition to my husband's family, a grand niece. So I've been busy making some gifts for them and my sis-in-law first Christmas ornaments (different photos when you turn the ornaments) . This was my genius idea so I'm glad it worked yippeee!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I was so surprised to receive an overnight FedEx box and opened it with these contents! I couldn't figure out who sent it as it didn't have any note. I called family members but it wasn't any of them. Finally I called the shop where it came from and with some coercing I found out it's one of my regular portrait customers who read on my blog that I've been very sickly this year so he sent me these!!!! I didn't ask how much it was but the gal on the phone said it was a substantial gift. GOSHHH that's just the sweetest thing! Umm I have to install a software, and open the DVD and plug in the finger things and connect them to my fingers..... I'm game!

So I'd like to take this moment to let you all know how thankful I am for your continued support of my blog. I appreciate the friendship and companionship I've received from you all and for all the things you've been so willing to share in your blogs! xoxoxoxox

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and if you're not celebrating the event, please know I am thankful for you!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Erika! Brown buttered squash sounds yummy to me tummy. There will be two cooks where I am so everything is going to be delicious. I have clean up duty.

    What color did you decide to make the 2 inch area around the image. Did you extend the image over the sides are did you go with a basic color. I usually paint the edges of all my gallery wrap canvas but 2inches is a lot especially in oil. What did you do?...Or did you leave it natural?

    I am thankful for you too! •♥•

  2. Clean up duty is just as important! I wish I had someone to delegate that to when I cook and paint :)

    I've decided to extend the image which I do most of the time. I am letting it dry a little more before I tackle the rest of the edges. Actually, the painting is not quite done, now that I see it the morning after. I'd like to adjust the light on the Buddha's left arm for one thing. Hugs Alice!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
    I like the bright colors around Buddha. He looks like being surrounded by beautiful flowers while he meditates.

    So you are also going to meditate on Chakras!

  4. I wanna play too! we had thanksgiving at our house today, with family and friends. it was 'catered' by everyone, all I had to do was show up (of course, I was still putting things away and getting the last empty box out of the living room from the move).

    Such a beautiful day, and a wonderful group to 'put their stink' (bless) the new walls. Some of us were able to sit outside like in Europe...ate off and on all afternoon, we are all nursing non-hunger pangs (meaning too full).

    can't wait to see what the chakras do!


  5. Thanks Akiko, ya I wanted to make it look meditative.

    Do you know anything about the Chakras stuff I got?

  6. Red you should play, one more week to go on this photo!

    I didn't have enough turkey, I want to make some for us! I would have eaten more but I was too full hahaha!

    I'll play with the Chakras this weekend :)

  7. Serious Chakra training requires a spiritual teacher, but what you have must be a self-help type intended to reduce stress. Try it. I think you will like it.
    Chakras are just energy centers in the body and maybe you can feel them with your hands if you concentrate. I can.

  8. Thanks Akiko I will try it out tomorrow (Sunday) and report. That closest I've ever gotten to this is when I built a website for a client who started a business as biopulsar analyst. But I've lost track of them since I decided I was moving too far to maintain their website.

  9. Erika, let me know how the chakra thing works. It looks interesting. How nice to just get a surprise out of the blue.
    I love what you have done with the DSFDF photo. I thought it was so boring and haven't even tried it. But you have infused it with light, color, and energy. Wow. I'm not surprised. :-)

  10. YOu did a great job of making that photo from different strokes your own. Winner composition! colors too.
    Namaste with a couple Thanksgiving gasshos thrown in!

  11. Wow thanks Theresa, I had to look up those words! Namaste to you too! xo


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