Monday, November 17, 2008

DSDF #11 Upside Down Walker Lola Snapfish photo book

"Upside Down Walker" 7x10 watercolor
Oh my, this week's challenge is pretty challenging. I laughed to myself when I turned my painting upright and I was a bit disoriented that the woman was facing the opposite direction from when I was painting her LOL! Ok, maybe you can understand more what I'm talking about when you visit this week's Different Strokes by Different Folks, a blog hosted by Karin Jurick.

I need to note that I've determined an additional benefit I've inherited from Charles Reid when I took his workshop. His painting technique has allowed me to not discriminate against most papers. In fact, I haven't encountered a watercolor paper that I can't paint well enough on. This paper is Portofino Aquarello Cartiera Magnani. I didn't like this paper when I used it the first time. The paper wasn't letting me get crisp edges; I guess not enough sizing. But I am perfectly happy this time around.

One of my favorite things to multi-task with is listening to Oprah's show. I've often wished I was in her studio for her Favorite Things because I love love gadgets and anything free! Well recently they have actually been extending the freebies to their TV audience. Last week it was a free photo book from Incidentally the offer is still active until November 22 and if you'd like to me to get 20 4x6 prints for referring you, give me your email so I can send you an invite. By opening an account you will also get free 20 prints. Anyway, it turns out the book which is worth $29.99 is only for 20 pages. Well my book is 44 pages long! It's a book on my very missed and departed sweet 97 year old grandma who I lost last year, I call her Lola because that means grandma in the Filipino language. Gosh, she was a girlfriend more than a grandma to me and yes, she was tons of fun and very wise. Always a joy to have around and very independent up to the end. So here are som excerpts from my book. I can't wait!!! It's my Christmas gift to my Mom and I dedicated it to her :) 98% of the photos were my photography.

The cover

Page 1 (Mom, Lola and me)
Pages 6 and 7
Pages 15-16
I put limited text. I think the images will speak for themselves and will always populate so much more memory than numerous statements I can make. I am so so thankful for the first digital camera Mom bought me in late 90s. I'm so glad I don't let people discourage me for taking more pictures than they think is sufficient or let them make me put the camera away. All I can say to those people is NA-NA-NA-NA-NA and a raspberry on top pppffffftthhhh!

TAGGED ACK! *Since I'm new to Blogspot I will do this once :) ***

I've been tagged by the lovely Theresa Rankin! This is a really fun way to get to know your blogger friends in art! The rules of this great game are:-
1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you.
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Here is the list of 7 things about me, like it or not here we go!

1. I marvel at the realization that my manual wheelchair which I use for traveling (otherwise I use a motorized one daily), has been to Japan, Europe, Canada, Philippines, New York, New Mexico, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, all over California, New Jersey, Boston, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Colorado, etc.

2. I am attached to my digital camera. When eating out, I tend to take photos of my food before eating "just in case" I decide to paint it!

3. I came to the US when I was 17 having only finished 5th grade. After testing the San Francisco Dept of Educ. put me in 10th grade. I guess I was still advanced because when some teachers had to be away, they asked me to take over the classes. I lived in constant stress, it was too much for this little Filipino girl in a wheelchair GAH! HAHAHA I quickly grew more Westernized and they left me alone! BWAHAHAHA!

4. I auditioned as actress at the Paramount Studios when I was a high school senior. It determined whether I took my Art scholarship or pursue showbiz instead. Well I went to college hahaha!

5. The Paramount Studio audition didn't get me an acting job but Anson Williams or Potsie on Happy Days liked my singing and got me a gig. I represented Paramount Studios.

6. My dad was a famous movie director in the Philippines and he featured me in 2 movies: first when I was 7 years old and 2nd, I was 11. I had long dialogues and I sang while crying. Amazing how inhibition creeps in as one matures.

7. I've spent this whole year without any direction for my art. I am mainly focusing on commissions while I wait for my calling again.

I am boldly tagging these artist friends!!!

1. Alice Thompson
2. Hillary Millery
3. Akiko Watanabe
4. Caren Goodrich
5. Kathy Jurek
6. Truly Younts
7. Deborah Ross


  1. Whoa! Too many things to comment on. I am overwhelmed. Well, I came here to quickly look at your lady painting. I like the results! Very lyrical. On all the rest, I will have to come back, look again and see if I have more to say.

  2. Oh, yeah...send me a thing for the Snapfish? please? Thx

  3. Erika, Love your painting, and your book looks awesome, I'm sure your mother will be drawn to tears. What a thoughtful gesture, your black and white on the cover is AMAZING!

  4. LOL Carol, I know, I know that's a lot to digest but thanks so much for an equally lyrical comment. Ok I've invited you twice thanks again!

  5. Hi Lori! Yes, I think this will be the very first gift to Mom when I hit the nail on the head! It's always a challenge and I'm glad she doesn't read my blog ;) Grandma was a wonderful model and subject. The band on her hair was from my skirt I was altering that day which gave her a photo op look!

  6. China Doll, LOVE the book! Miss you...I've got a rest day today, and hope to blog a bit.

    Theresa tagged me too, and I've got to see if I can find 7 things about me to talk about. You and Theresa have me beaten by a mile, little 'ole arkansas girl, red.

  7. RED RED RED you're alive! I know you're busy nesting and I can't wait to see your HOME! I hope you are planning a house warming partay so I can meet other people that love you too and we can all give you love! I ordered the books yesterday (for each for Mom, me and my aunt). I hope they are quality production! Miss you!!!!!!!!!

  8. Erika, thanks for tagging me, I guess! Interesting facts about yourself! Wow! Who knew?

  9. Erika, your grandma's photo album looks very nice! It's a wonderful tribute as well as beautiful creation that is filled with so much love.

    Now I have to look for people to tag.

  10. **snorting** about the tagging hahaha! You guys are good sports about this. I know, you wonder if you should dock out or just do it. I promise to read it all Caren :)

  11. Hi Akiko, I know we have readers but do we know people well enough to put them through this tag. Not everybody participates so no worries. I'll still love you all!

    I can't wait for Mom to unwrap her book!!! Actually I can't wait to see the book in person :)

  12. Erika, I finished my tagging blog entry and thanks to you I had to dredge up some sketchy facts about myself that few people know about.

    Lola was adorable...proof that you can never take too many grandmother died a few years ago at age 97 also. She was the biggest influence in my life.

  13. Oh great Caren I'll have to go read! Wow you had a special grandma too lucky you! I always felt my grandma was the air I breathed.

  14. Manang, You know now that I must love you, being the crazy FILIPINO Woman that you are •♥•

    Beautiful photographs of your Lola!

  15. Erika, did your dad direct any movies after he came to the U.S. or did he remain in the film industry?

  16. LOL Manang! Yes, I guess I am your Manang (older sis) and that actually from the dialect from a region my Mom's side originate (Ilocano). Haha fun getting to know huh? xo

  17. Caren my dad had a stroke in '76 which is about the time my family began to migrate here. He did do one international film which was filmed in Tahiti. He did recover some from the stroke and made one more film before he passed away.

  18. I commented on the DSDF on DW, so here I wanted to tell you how special that Lola Book is! I hope you are making a copy for yourself to keep! Your mom is going to just love it!

  19. Hi Hillary thanks, it is so very special, I can't wait to see it! I actually ordered 3. On for me, Mom and Aunt Norma, remember her? Mom has guardianship of her. :)

  20. What a fascinating synopsis!!! You go girl! The painting is great as have such a way! Your book is endearing as are the photos which I adore! You are like the energizer bunny! How do you get so much done? Much admiration for you, Theresa


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