Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gift for Gene Hackman My only New Year's Resolution for 2013

"The Talented Mr Gene Hackman" charcoal on toned paper

My only 2013 resolution is to ask every new person I meet if they know how I can make 100% sure the original matted and framed montage charcoal portrait I made of Gene Hackman will reach him as my gift in my humble but sincere acknowledgement of his outstanding talent that I've enjoyed for years before he retired from acting. I've tried SAG and contacted the office of his agent but they said they can't guarantee. That's just not good enough for me. All I want is to let him know I really appreciate his work. His acting is seamless and excellent in delivery. I know he is currently a fine artist in New Mexico.


  1. Hello Erika,
    Love your work!!
    As far as trying to get in touch with Mr.Hackman, if you are on Facebook, you should look up Robert Duvall. Him and his wife post often. You may be able to message him to get your gift to Gene Hackman. It's worth a try.
    Good Luck!
    Debi Roskam

    1. Hi Debi thanks! I'll check out Robert Duvall as I am a fan of his as well! However I think it would be a rare thing if it's actually the celebrity and his family are responding? Thanks again! :)


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