Monday, April 12, 2010

CMAM Favorite Food Ferrero Rondnoiri

"Yummy Ferrro Rondnoiri (Fine Dark Chocolate)" 5x5" oil on wood
Here is another Calypso Moon Art Movement entry with the subject Starving Artist talking about food we like to eat though it's bad for us. Cheetos, pork rinds, tweezlers, ICE CREAM, hot cocoa, fried chicken, etc., I could have painted all those and more. But this month is really hectic for me so I had to paint something readily available LOL If you haven't indulged in Ferrero Rondnoiri, you are missing out. The packaging alone illustrates how special they are. Wrapped in burgundy colored foil with brushed texture then seated in a chocolate colored paper cupcake. Then you unwrap it and you see this dark chocolate ball that's covered with chocolate sprinkles. It's a healthy bite size :) As your teeth touch down on it, you hear and feel a crunch. Slight one because it's a thin wafer that shells multi-layered flavors of soft chocolate and some hazelnut. Yes, you read it right hazelnut. My most favorite nut flavor. Check out their website Ferrero

Now it's 55 calories each. So it adds up. And it's bad for me because of that and because sugar simply makes me sleepy and takes away my focus on my art work. Some ingredients are semi sweet chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vegetable oils (palm and sunflower), whey, vanillin and traces of hazelnut.

I am (trying to) paint too much. So far finishing 2 out of 5. It saddens me I can't finish my biggest of them right now (20x24"). We had a death in my family, my dear auntie. Though I did not attend the services (she is being buried today), because it's in California and my family just asked me to stay put, I had to help my Mom get pictures and things ready and I had to contact some people and of course grieve. I don't take death very lightly. And right now I'm still jarred that someone can just be plucked out of my life without a warning. It was a natural death but it's a stunning reminder that we're not in charge. And that we need to make our loved ones priority and go out of our way to spend quality time with them. It's not always convenient, but it is always worth it to remember their smile instead of remembering a face that appeared to ask why you didn't stop to talk. I'm thankful that I always stopped to talk to my auntie.


  1. Love the foil in this painting...and I think I would like the candy too!
    Sorry about your aunt...take care.

  2. Oh, dammit, CD. I'm so sorry about Auntie. Try not to let this interfere with a wonderful trip, though. She'd want you to enjoy it.

    The painting is delicious! LOVE the silver wrapper. You captured it!


  3. Thanks Dana it was fun to do to foil once I got past the intimidation of all the little creases LOL Thanks again. :)

  4. Red I sure miss her but I bet I'd feel full impact of her absence when I visit CA and she won't be there to greet me with her big smile and enthusiasm and praise everything I do. She was all joy, sure need more like her, not less. Breathe breathe

    Thanks glad you like the latest :)

  5. Those Ferrero thingies are the talk around here during the winter holidays. Seems that they are a sought after gift to give according to several of those I talked to at that time. That hazelnut would do it for me! Nice painting - love your colors.

    Sorry for your loss.

  6. Hi Pattie OMG I discovered them recently because my husband always asked for a treat when I go grocery shop. Little did I know I was picking up a treat for myself LOL! Thank you!

  7. These look so yummy! I did not know that they had them in the dark chocolate...this may be dangerous...
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt. I can truly sympathize with what you are going through, as I just lost my dear mother-in-law. She was like a second mom. My husband and I suddenly realized that we are now the 'older generation'...yikes!
    I am working on something for the CMAM Challenge - hope to have it finished tomorrow. All I can say is that my subject matter is making me extremely hungry - it is hard to paint while salivating!!!

  8. Your yummy art made me crave for Ferrero chocolates. Good thing my SIL brought me some from Monterey. - AVI

  9. I wish I had those sweets right now! They look so delicous. I didn't know they had three different kinds. Will have to try Rondnoir.
    I'm sorry about your aunt.

    I'm finally goin back to visit my family in Japan at the end of this month. I haven't forgotten about the brushes. Will bring them back with me. :-)

  10. Hi Claire did you finish you piece? I'll have to visit the blog :)

    Sorry about your loss. You were blessed with a lovable MIL. Not everybody is fortunate that way. I get along very well with both mine too :) I'll miss my Aunt. Wish I knew even more people who are simply peaceful.

  11. Hi AVI thanks so much for remarking. So glad you share my taste for decadence ;)

  12. Akiko wish I could email you some! I should eat some to put me to sleep now. Gosh I thought I discovered new chocolates, it seems many people have eaten many of these before.

    WOW take me with you!!!! I miss Japan! Have a good trip! Thanks so much for remembering me! xox

  13. Another Ferrero! I am mad for the coconut almond white one... (shiver of delight)
    Thank you for the treat Erika.

    I am sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family.

    For the blue bird.. did you already get the suggestion to stick a vinyl silouette shape of a large bird on the window. I have a flying hawk shape on the picture window so the small bird no longer fly into it.

  14. Earthula gosh everybody like Ferrero! You are welcome :) Guess what I did fix my cup I just haven't re-scanned it.

    Ohhh what kind of bird was running into your window? Was it deliberate or accidental? It seems we've had the same bluebird doing this for 5 years now.

  15. Erika, Very nice. The silver foil is where my eye lands. Love the impasto paint technique, intentional or just a delightful accident? Either way, it works for the painting. The highlights on the chocolate sprinkles are nice too.

    In my painting of a bowl of ice cream, I tended to forget about the background and focused on my subject too much, and it suffers for it. I think you're painting would become stronger by continuing to work on the setting, give it more depth and consider the whole canvas. I would love to see the cupcake papers get the save level or attention you obviously gave to the hero of the canvas, chocolate, chocolate with some more chocolate and chocolate sprinkles on top! My teeth hurt!

    Keep painting, you've got some lovely work in your portfolio. Oh, and why don't you reward yourself with some chocolate--if you happen have any around! :o)

  16. I too have only had milk chocolate ones, but I will be looking for the burgundy colored foil now and thinking of you. The foil and the unwrapped treat are wonderful work.

  17. Erika,

    I mirror what others have said herein. I really love the way the splashes of red play off the reflections of the wrapper. The knife-work and thick impasto in the foil give the painting real depth. The shimmering white highlights round out the confection perfectly.

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I lost my two favorite Uncles recently and not a day goes by that I don't think of them.

  18. Erika, I like the transitional color in your background. The undressing of chocolate looks very appealing with the variety of textures.

    I let Dan know you've attempted to write a composition critique on his blog with no success in it posting. Actually this is the second time I've had to write this on your blog. The last one dissapeared? Both you and he have the same comment format and I've had many of my comments dissapear when I try to post on your blog in the past.

  19. Love those chocolates! Great job with texture. The triangle grouping works very well in this composition. It carries your eye around the canvas. You have created depth with the unfoiled chocolate. Wish that chocolate overlapped the empty paper more. They are "kissing" and it is a little distracting. I think there is too much negative space at top also, the canvas needs to be filled. I agree with DanNan about the background. You could add more values overall to background which would enhance the chocolates and create further depth. I got a similar comment on my background, mine was flat. The foil is great. Look at all the wonderful colors and values!


Thank you for taking the time to comment ~Erika