Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bluebired Gone Wild

Something I filmed this morning. I'm curious about what information this will bring.
Thanks so much!


  1. We've had this happen many times...at the 'big house' that had 3 story windows we had robins, flaxwings, cardinals, all smashing into the windows. At times you could see the imprint of their beaks where they slammed sideways. Sometimes, quite often actually, they would die. Randy says it is breeding season and they just love the mirror image they see. Even had one smash into our breakfast room window this morning! Your little guy is in LUV!

  2. Hi Erika,
    It happens here, too. Your bird looks like a robin to me. I agree with Vicki that they probably see themselves and it looks like a lover/rival. Yesterday I saw a bird trying to attack/get friendly with the "bird" reflected back to him in a truck bumper! It happens most often here when the pyracantha berries are ripe - supposedly eating them is intoxicating to the birds. You can probably stop it by putting a sheet or some kind of window shade on the OUTSIDE of the window, which would cause their reflection to disappear! Good luck, have a great trip, and most of all, HAPPY (BIG) BIRTHDAY! Will you be away for your b-day?

  3. Hi Red and Hillary! It's an Eastern Bluebird, symbols of Happiness. Bluebirds are prevalent here in Arkansas they are bright blue with orangey abdomen but way smaller than robins which are about 2 or 3x bigger. I know birds fall in love with their reflection. I guess I never figured they might actually return to the scene daily and several times in a day. And Scott thinks it's been the same bird for 5 years at least! The pictures I took 5 years ago was a younger bird.

  4. Erika - You do bear a strong resemblance to Tippi Hedren...

    Seriously, since it is mating season, the bird may think that its reflection is another bird and is trying to eliminate the competition by attacking him. The best way to stop it would be to find a way to make the window no longer reflective like Hillary Miller suggested. Maybe you could temporarily soap the window?

  5. Hmmm! I agree with all your friends above. It sounds like the birdie thinks somehow that reflection that it sees in the window is another birdie. I hope it doesn't hurt itself.


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