Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Painting Mom for 2 hours and a cabochon pendant

Detail shot of Mom

With my Mom visiting for 3 weeks, I always go out of my way to devote me time with her and "sneak" in business as usual art activities :) Yesterday I excused myself for about 4 hours to do another jewelry piece. So this afternoon my trade was that she'd pose for me so I can paint her from life. I had envisioned 4 hours. But I didn't realize it was going to be like working with a kid LOL! Are you done? Can I see it? I'm tired, can I nap? After responding "No" to all of the above. I finally pointed out the clock to her that it hadn't been as long as she thought. Martha Stewart was after all still talking about Asian noodles on TV (I really thought the show would preoccupy her). After Martha I let her nap. She came back and I put on American Justice for her. Well the crooks had not been given sentence yet and she was done posing. So this was as far as I got -2 hours give or take. Maybe I can refine it tomorrow :)

Work in progress 8x10 oil of my Mom

I am happy with this pendant that I wired yesterday. Striped agate wrapped in sterling silver accented with wooden beads :)


  1. Nice painting of your mother Erika! I could have told you she would not be so patient. Remember in college whenever I visited you at the Nutwood Apartments? "Hurry up Erika!"

    The are opening a Bob's Big Boy in Orange. I thought they would just disappear.

    Take care,

  2. Red LUVS this! Hope you can get the painting finished before she totally quits on ya.

    The pendant is fabulous! Aren't you glad you took that class? selling on Etsy yet with them?

  3. OMG Dub what a funny thing to remember but you made Mom smile when she read it lol!

    Oh thank goodness Bob's Big Boy is still alive! I don't think they serve Pappy Parker's Fried Chicken anymore though. We used to frequent the one in Burbank where we lived :)

  4. I know Red and it's at the "fun" stage too ARGH!

    I don't think I can make much with the time and materials I put into my jewelry; it might just be my side passion. YES I'm so glad I took the class and found another outlet for my creativity which is in 3D form! Luvs RED!!!!!

  5. OMG This is magnificent..The eyes of your mother is so expressive. Lot of emotions..:) Woww!! The pendent is absolutely stunning!
    Color Pencil Drawing: Lord Krishna with his mother

  6. Megha welcome to my blog thanks so much!

  7. it seems so real...............................gr8 work

  8. Thanks so much you sure twinkle beautifully!


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