Monday, August 3, 2009

Hibiscus Done! Peony my favorite!

"Nancee's Peonies" 9x12 oils
I painted this partly from life. I had to put it away to finish commissions and to take a break. I'm pleased with it :)

I have THE BEST neighbors in the whole world! Although my neighborhood is not the most wheelchair accessible place, I find comfort in knowing I love my neighbors as much as they love me :) One of my neighbors is Nancee who is a wonderful gardener (and an equally wonderful cook!). For the second spring she and her grandaughter have brought me cut peonies from her garden (and before that daffodil bouquet). As a matter of fact, Nancee has a special spot in her garden for my favorite flowers which are peonies! But the rest of her garden if full of botanical wonders! I can see why she aspires to be in the garden tour of our neighborhood. Her target date is 5 years. I tend to think she will be ready sooner than that!

"Hibiscus and Basil" 6x12 oils
And here is the finished version of the hibiscus. Incidentally, thanks to all the encouragement of my dear friends and readers, I now really like my gazebo painting and in fact am testing some merchandise with the image on it.

And I'm still happy on non-steroids yay!!! I'm not 100% painless on the new meds but I'm functional and keeping the smile on my face :)


  1. WOW! I love 'em both, CD...think the peonies are my fav of the 2, but would be hard pressed to choose. Remind me to have a conversation with you about color correction, OK? Might not be an issue, but let's talk. You might know some tricks I don't!

    I hear we are doing lunch some afternoon...Dustie said!

  2. Yes Red, mistress of print art, I definitely need to know about color correction. I want to feel confident that the colors I see are what viewers see even though I've sold over 300 artwork on Ebay and never had a complaint or suffered buyer's remorse thankfully. But I do hold my breath until they leave me a rating/feedback.

    The peonies pic has more yellow than actual art because I took it inside the art room but I didn't want to tweak it.

    Van Gogh is still in the shop :( and Mom is arriving Wednesday. But I'll be there meeting day - lunch then? xo

  3. Erika I'm very impressed with your still life oils you are full of surprises my dear. Where do you sell these since you have abandoned your Ebay (come back!) or what are your plans? Are you getting ready for a show? Your Etsy store is empty what's the keeper? Your fan - Angela

  4. Hello there Angela! Good question about what I'm doing with these pieces. I don't really know is the answer. I have some commitments before the end of the year to show my work and at the same time I also have a gallery that's screaming to get updated with fresh display. But I also want to surround myself with my new art so I can soak in some creative energy and develop a plan somehow. As for Ebay, I really don't have specific plans but if you are interested in anything I am doing feel free to contact me about anything :) Thanks so much for the visit - come back again!

  5. I love the finishing touches on the hibiscus! I am sooooooo glad you're feeling good. Tell more about your merchandise testing!

  6. Merci Merci Hillary! Nothing new really, just going to pay more attention to Cafepress account :)

  7. Beautiful job on this one, especially!

  8. Diana thank you so much! I didn't realize you do charcoals too!


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