Thursday, July 16, 2009

Studying Richard Schmid

"Fallen Pine (after Richard Schmid)" 8x10 oil canvas
I signed up for an online course with Katie Swatland who is offering lessons from her mentor, the master Richard Schmid. This is after all the closest I've ever get to receiving direct contact or teachings from Schmid I'll ever get! This is the first lesson - above is my study from his original piece entitled "Fallen Pine". I'm liking it so far!

"Dappled" 9x12 oil on canvas

Feeling good about the lesson, I thought I'd do a "plein air" painting yesterday as I worked in the comforts of my air-conditioned art room, I painted my gazebo.... both as I see it in the future and as I looked at it lol My good neighbor gave me the arch from their yard which I gladly accepted because of this vision I have. If I can figure out a twining perennial vine with bright red colorful blooms I'd be in great shape! Any suggestions?

Well I'm disappointed in my little exploration here though. I painted the piece in my usual too complete and tight manner plus I sort of Kincaidized it (made it pretty). Perhaps it would help if I just painted what was actually in front of me and I could have just concentrated on shapes and lights.

At least I painted! And that in itself is big victory, right?


  1. The background looks really good--the texture of the trees. The painting doesn't look overly sweet, and it's certainly ok if you paint to whatever degree of tightness you feel comfortable at. You're on the right track though, if you want to improve a painting, look to the composition first--the value patterns of lights and darks.

  2. Thanks so much Theresa! I was thinking I should do it again. Oftentimes, I feel I need to get something out of my system, then when I'm past it, I can relax and satisfy the other monster lol

  3. I always like greens! So it looks good to me!

    When I do watercolor (Lost in Space) people I always feel they look so stiff... like frozen.

  4. Disappointed? I'm sorry you see your glass half empty [or shall we say palette?] but I know people who would give their eye tooth to paint what you just did. Hugs!

  5. Tiglizzyclone thanks! I look at it daily so far and as it's drying I'm feeling better about it lol

  6. Sheila hugs!!!!! Aren't I terrible? I think my painting days are just too far in between so I'm expecting too much each time I pick up the brush! You know how it goes, grass is always greener and all thanks dahlings!


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