Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!

This is my most favorite song by Michael Jackson. There is another video with better sound but I like this video on this more. As I mention in my Facebook, he was a giant in my book, a part of my cultural honing in my love of music and dance. As they say in the arts CBND (Copied But Never Duplicated). He was a tormented figure, he was far from perfect, but he was a genius!

Other note able videos:

Acapella of "I'll be There"
"Whatzupitu" a more recent video with Eddie Murphy


  1. I know.... and the double blow with Farrah Fawcett passing too.

  2. Yes first Farrah then suddenly Michael. An unforgettable day by all means!

  3. Today, I was shocked to find that these two people have passed.

  4. Yes, I was still digesting the concept of Farrah Fawcett passing when I heard news about Michael rushed to the hospital.

  5. "I'll Be There" gave me chills. Thanks for posting the link. What really makes me sad is how MJ lost his way the past ten or so years. I really started thinking about MJ again when American Idol had the MJ night this season. It caused me to re-look at some of his amazing videos from the MTV era. He had a stunning body of work.

  6. Caren I just saw the released most recent video with MJ, he was thin but in good form as far as his craft. Perhaps not as sharp as he was in the past when we saw him dance, but able to keep up with the younger dancers around him. I'm still blue too, blue for myself that I never saw him in person.


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