Friday, December 5, 2008

Pet portrait in oils in progress #1

Here are Sandy and Domino looking a mess in their initial state. This is 20x16x1.5 oil on canvas. Now hubby and I must begin cleaning the house in anticipation of Mom's arrival on Sunday.


  1. Aren't holidays fun? Hope you get your commissions done so you can better enjoy your mom!

    We had another moving marathon today...garage stuff, mat boards, flower pots...large artwork...mostly stuff I couldn't pick up.

    Today's my birthday!


  2. Holidays are always insane. Holidays and spring in particular.

    Happy birthday beautiful Red! Hope you got some special fruit juice this evening! Many happy returns baby! Love you tons xox

  3. How nice to have your mom for the holiday! My house needs a major cleaning job, but it is at the bottom of my to-do list. :)
    I hope you show the progress of your painting of these adorable dogs.

  4. LOL cleaning is at the bottom of mine too but sometimes the hubby as something to say and honestly, sometimes I look around and I am shocked at the mess!!! How does it all happen?

    Thanks so much for your interest on the portrait and any input or tips you can throw my way is highly appreciated oh master of animal art!


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