Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chihuahua oil pet portrait update and wii

Update on Sandy and Domino. Got 100% approval from client on this stage so I will now take it to the finish. However I've decided I will go ahead and lengthen Domin's left leg because it bothers me. She has it pulled in closer to her in the photo but nobody will see the photo so she looks a little odd this way. So I will just give it a little more even look, don't you think? Man will they ever be surprised with the finished product. Most clients don't really know how much better the final look will be and they're basically approving the artwork about 2/3 into it teehee :)

Yes, running behind. We ended up cleaning the house for two days because we don't have a housekeeper. Working from home can really create a mess. And usually one can tell I'm busy with art when the house looks like a war zone, I'm not kidding at all!!! Thank goodness hubby dear is game about helping me clean.

And MOM IS HERE! So I now get daily massages ooooohhhh sooo nice! And you can be proud of me that although Mom, Pops and my sister got us wii sports and fitness bundle for Christmas, and it's now hooked up, I haven't let myself get addicted yet because of the commissions lol But I played tennis, bowled and got strikes 4x in a row, gooofed around golfing, but knocked out my opponent on the 5th round (yes, better than Paquiao) -- all in one night! It was sooo bad for my rotator cuff problem so I'll await Mario Kart which cousin Ed ordered for me, so I can drive. Thanks to Theresa for raging about wii on her blog, I decided it was another active activity hubby and I can do together. So far he LOVES it and has played tennis daily! Believe me, he needs to be pried away from work badly!

Hope your holiday season is cheerful so far!


  1. Your dog painting is coming along VERY NICE! Looks like an expensive Victorian painting. I love Victorian animal paintings. They are the cutest!

    Glad you like your wii. My DH bought it about a year ago and we had fun at first, but it has been sleeping in our spare bedroom (which is more like a messy storage) for quite a while now.

  2. Wow, they are cute, and wonderfully rendered already. This is great to see a step by step development. Can you explain your steps for client approval? Thanks!

  3. don't go getting all healthy and exercised on us!

    cute dogs...know you'll be glad to be finished with commissions wo we can play in the paint again...


  4. Vicki it's nice when I hit my zone and get in a flurry of creativity. But I like having a purpose. Hopefully I'm getting nicely warmed up for some pieces to put in our group show ;)

    I guess play time resumes January!

  5. Hillary done deed thanks for asking!

  6. Hi Akiko, I wonder why it reminds you of Victorian art, the colors? Thanks for the kind compliment :)

    Oh no, I hope we keep using our wii! I actually tend to get addicted to video games, especially ones that I can continuously beat my personal best with.


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