Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reluctantly I list

WELL I was looking at my calendar the other day and I came to realize the fundraising auction I painted my political portraits for isn't happening until November 8th - which is after election. And that just spoils all my fun :( How am I supposed to have my personal election after the fact? SO today I've decided to go ahead and list the on Ebay. Today I started new 5x5 painting for the fundraiser lol

I haven't listed there for many months which is inadvisable practice if one wishes to attract their usual crowd. But let's just give it a go shall we?

Please see the my oil paintings of Senators Obama and McCain on Ebay starting bid each at $55.00 Oil on canvas 5x5x1.5 Here we go X0

Click here to purchase


  1. I cannot tell who is your candidate..which is good! The likeness is fantastic! Good job Erika...and I hope they sell for a lot more than $55...there arw worth so much more.

  2. Thanks that meant a lot more than selling them Theresa! I canceled the auctions while there weren't bids because I found myself running short on time for the 2nd 5x5 replacement for the fundraiser. And I also thought I'd get more pleasure donating them than possibly selling them for $55 yikes! I was losing sleep, let me tell ya lol THANKS SO MUCH I feel better now :)


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