Saturday, September 6, 2008

Raising McCain with oil paints

Just like that, yesterday's beautiful day was gone. I was pouring down rain today. It rained so heavily that it was as if someone had curtained us off from our neighborhood. Here's another look at my roses from yesterday's photo shoot. The lower roses are some from our garden. They are so fragrant and breathtakingly inviting to paint but... I have deadlines *sigh*

Today was date day with the hubby. The rain had pretty much stopped by the time we decided to get moving. We went to the mall (our 2nd trip there since it was built 3 years ago). He ran to Borders and I got my haircut. Then we met at PF Chang's for our late lunch.

There were having a summer art festival to which I was invited to participate. But being in wheelchair helps to make up my mind pretty quickly about not putting myself through the torment of doing short stints that require so much physical HELP while in the meantime I watch my work get a little more beat up through transport. Usually I'm so tired of the whole preparation that it's another challenge to keep a happy face on all day, also because I'm worried about my deadlines and what I'm not painting at the moment. Nope, montho-long exhibits or seasonal changes of display in the gallery is about my size.

We decided to head home after checking out each tent and visiting with fellow artists. Some were pleased, some disappointed, some glad to have recovered fees. No complaints about the rain.

Anyway, here are senators McCain and Obama by yours truly in 5x5 oils on canvas. I decided to not crop off any of his head like Obama because not option looked right to me. Now I can resume back to my commission portraits :) I must admit I struggled not to end up painting Steve Martin while I painted Senator McCain LOL!


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your and've passed along "Brilliante Weblog" award to you, you can read more about it on my site. You inspire me and are one of the sweetest people I know!! Enjoy.

  2. I meant to say 'I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your fabulous paintings and photos"

  3. Had to look to find the magic link for comments! I didn't know you were back up and at blogging...I am subscribed, and your blog is going on mine TODAY!

    Can't wait to read all the past entries.


  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you Theresa!!!!! Welcome home! xoxox

  5. RED!!!!!! Thanks for your comment and subscription and congratulations!!!! xox

  6. Wow! An impassioned, impartial and impressive rendering of our two candidates! The oil feels so fresh! You really can't tell who you're going to vote for based on the paintings - you treated each one in a friendly and sincere manner. Way to go!!!!!!!!

  7. WOW what a wonderful response thank you! You make me glad I'm an artist :D


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