Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trying to rekindle fire

Today I worked all day at the gallery expecting no traffic due to the predicted heavy storms and possible tornadoes. Also still not feeling my usual, I made sure I was prepared to feel well enough to put in my time in the co-op gallery so I had my comfort foods, my health pills and my watercolors. We had 9 very small sales that probably amounted to $41.00; basically not enough to pay the gallery's utility expenses for the day.

But yesterday 4 of my local art friends took me out for a nice birthday lunch and lavished me with gifts! I was truly grateful for their affection and friendship that's why I wanted to send watercolor thank you cards. So I actually used the long boring 7.5 hours. I came up with the cards. They are not necessarily my usual art, but for some reason, I just can't find the same fire or desire to paint my usual art. I am feeling a little shallow - art wise. But maybe these being my best for now is a good start.


  1. Erika, I think all of us artists feel a little shallow sometimes. I sure do. I never thought of the word "shallow" before, but it's a good descriptive word for it. When we feel like we can do much better. But maybe that's a good thing, cause it means we're never satisfied. And that keeps us working. I'm interested in your gallery arrangements. I heard that some galleries make their artists work in the gallery a certain number of hours or days. Is that what your gallery does? In the small town area where I am, none of the galleries do that. Course calling them "galleries" is kind of grand - they're really just little frame shops. :)

  2. I think they are bright and happy greetings, &#9734 and I'd rather receive one of these than any store bought, mass produced card.
    An instructor insisted that we paint or draw each day. No matter what. Even if we had no inspiration. "Paint what you see!" even if you see a mop and pail or the scraps on your dinner plate or an empty chair...paint through the shallows. I wish I knew the reason but I kinda thought it was harder to start again if you stopped for a long period of time. I also found a little beauty in the mundane.

  3. RoseAnn, for the co-op we have have to work 1.5 days a month, pay $15/month and pay 20% commission when we sell. It all seems too much but that's what it takes to keep the gallery open sadly. It's a 3-story building which was originally a buffalo, and later a cow farm. So something about it might look charming and off at the same time (depending on what point of view one might have lol). I wish it were a new building the was designed like a barn, then maybe the ceilings would be higher and we can have spot lights rather than hospital like fluorescent lamps lol

    Oh I know Lee, I really should paint and draw like I should exercise - daily! It just seems like my life only allows for pill-taking and meals then anytime I rest, I fall asleep. I wish I could also shake off only painting what might amount to $$$


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