Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Post Polio Syndrome you're not welcome in my life

There I was in Orange County California picking out these Christian Dior frames for my latest eye prescription since I just consulted with my ophthalmologist about my eye condition (since I had an injury over a year ago). Little did I know I'd end up in emergency room the next evening because my blood pressure was way off my usual charts! I don't remember if I was terribly fatigued before the incident or if I've just now succumbed to my lack of stamina lately.

Through a battery of tests (CT-scan, about 10 blood tests), we are beginning to think my post polio syndrome (PPS) condition has simply progressed. Which means I need to change my lifestyle. My primary doctor is seeking a PPS doctor locally but they can't seem to find one. In the meantime, my dear husband is relying on Internet for research. He has acquired a lot of minerals capsules that his research has lead him to believe I need. I feel like all I'm eating are capsules and tablets ALL DAY long. But I must admit, I'm feeling a little more like myself this week than I did last week. I'm thinking keep a blog of both my art and my adventure through this physical condition which seems to have a terrible sense of humor.


  1. Erika, you said "my adventure thru this condition". See, that's why your friends adore you. What spirit you have, to call it an "adventure". It doesn't take long for your friends to realize that you truly do make an adventure of your life. I have a feeling that's probably why your hubby loves you, too. We'll all be glued to your blog, with fingers crossed, and arms around you. I know I'll be here every day, checking on you. We love you Erika!!! RoseAnn

  2. Goodness RoseAnn see what you've done? You got me posting lol It is an adventure after all since I've never really taken the time to get to know my condition. Thanks again for you xx


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