Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daily Paintworks Happy Birthday Carol!

"Texture Crow 1"  5x7 watercolor on yupo paper

This is my contribution to DPW's "Happy Birthday Carol!" challenge.  Some people say crows bring them fortune.  I just like the drama that I feel inside me sometimes because they're black and they remind me of Hitchcock's movie of course.

I just want to let you know I'm pretty busy these days.  My husband and I downsizing  and hoping to sell our house and move.  So please think positive and happy thoughts and send them to Northwest Arkansas :)  Hope you're having a nice summer!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog :D  

Ok I'll also post my other new painting of strawberries.  I love painting on yupo!  Sometimes my current life events keep me from painting full sheet ones though :P 

"Fresh Strawberries"  5x7 watercolor on yupo paper


  1. I love your yupo work! You consistently amaze me with your art - the crow is exceptional! Great color and detail :D

  2. Hi Erika, I love your strawberries, but really love the crow!! love your color mixing, lose but still so sharp, really like it. love the blues and browns.

  3. Both paintings are fantastic! I think crows have such charactor.

  4. Thanks Lee! I confess I'm usually afraid to plan on painting a piece on yupo. Now if only I can remember that I haven't regretted doing it, but maybe part of the fun is being intimidated HA!

  5. Thanks Kim! Yes I'm very drawn to watching crows, what is it about them?

  6. Thanks luvmyart! Glad you like, I just interpret the colors I see. Often I think I see too many colors :)

  7. These are great! Your love of working on Yupo really shines through. I just experimented with a thin coat of gesso on Yupo (Randall Tipton passed on the tip on his blog). I was pleased to find it works really well, and the sheet wipes back to an even whiter surface than straight Yupo. Have you tried that?

    (This is Don Gray--I'm having trouble for some reason posting with my Google account, so I'm posting this anonymously.)

  8. Hello anonymous Don :D Thanks for sharing your info on gessoed yupo, no I haven't had the pleasure of trying it. Sheet wipes back? You wipe if off? I tried to find info on his website but couldn't find him talking about it... do you have something I could look at that you did? Thanks so good to hear from you :)always!

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